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Dude! You wrote a version of Chuckie Egg! That was one of my favourite Beeb games back in the day. This is my attempt at getting a second game published (self published this time). First one was on the BBC micro. Source code:

Yikes! So sorry. I've taken the Godot builds down now. I've gone back to the Unity build.

Sorry about that. The Godot port seems really unreliable. I think I'm going back to Unity. No one had any problems running with those builds. Thanks for the feedback, it's really useful.

This is really good, you've got a great idea here. I've been playing around with different tactics. Are you still developing it?

Yeah! I've spent 500+ hours enjoying KSP. And I still feel like there's tons of content left to play with. I do career play throughs with a theme - manned, probes, spaceplanes. I've barely scratched the surface of the robotics. I was aiming for "KSP that I can pick up and play enjoyably for ten minutes" or "truck simulator in space". Glad you enjoyed it!