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With zero actual contact or word from the development team since over a year ago? I'm sorry champ but I just don't think it's gonna happen. Regardless of scope, a developer not giving updates to his game, or not talking at all about their game on the platforms they use primarily, typically means they've given up.

I half meant that as a joke, but now I've gotta prove my point.

Didn't he raise like five million dollars a couple of years ago for the fucking updates lmao

Where the fuck are they, because this game hasn't been updated at all since April 18th, 2021. Yo all you guys that fucking donated to his gofundme I think you're not getting this update, sorry. :/

I like this game. A lot of thought was clearly put into this masterpiece of a game, it truly is a shame... how... underappreciated such a work is. Truly is. The message I gathered from this... beautiful work, this... masterpiece if you will, is that to stay safe, we must wash our hands. To have epic sex time, is to wash our hands. That, is being safe.

Dude the nostalgia hit me pretty hard

I remember playing the original Mario 63 way back in fifth grade or something like that, I remember playing it with my friends trying to see who can beat the game first (we never beat it but it was still fun).

This just... wow. This is absolutely phenominal, I like not being able to dash, and for some reason I couldn't get F.L.U.D.D. to work, even after I refilled it, which was weird, but for what I played, you didn't need F.L.U.D.D.

Also the music I can't remember if it's remixed or if this is what is in the original. Seeing as though flash died, I can't exactly just pull up the game.

Props to you creator!

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Oh, sick! A new update!

Can't wait to play it. I'll update this comment with my recommendations and criticism when I finish the rest of the current demo!

Something, before even booting up the game, that I notice is people complaining about the controls. I, personally, don't have an issue with them, but of course, I wouldn't mind a swap to WASD.

Just booted up the game, I'm not sure if the menu was different before, but it feels different. I haven't played since I posted my previous criticisms, but I'm pretty sure the menu was different. Looking good and feeling smoother so far!

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

I'm sorry what the fuck? I'm reading the kinks and I see "limb detachment" W H A T


A lot of thought was put into it, glad you enjoyed reading my wall of text lol

Very interesting, the game was fun (albeit kinda long.) I spent an hour playing before I got to the actual porn part, and that was mostly mashing space and clicking. The art was cool, Ellie was pretty hot, and so was Ester, kinda odd how in the menu where it asks you "who do you want to see" she is the only one that isn't an option.

Merry Christmas Carrotsteam, game was fun, easy five star.

A very entertaining game, honestly funny. I laughed more than I busted.

The concept is interesting, an inflation game most certainly is uncanny, but as you will. It kept me, someone who isn't into inflation but then again i'm here entertained.

I like the relationship-dating-sim aspect of the game, it was kinda cool. I liked how once you reached a certain amount of fluid in the mc's stomach the character sprite changed.

Overall, not many complaints aside from it being incomplete and the bugs that come with.

This game truly emphasizes, and I believe, is a metaphor for, how truly, saddeningly, will-crushingly empty this planet we call home is.

This game, despite not having much on face value, has a truly deeper meaning. One that will make you have an early existential crisis. 

I have put this game on, and reviewed my life, while listening to the agonizing sounds of this man. 

Winston was a man of culture before being frozen and cooked for later use, my deepest condolences for his pain.

You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.

This game... is so... technologically advanced and incomprehensible to our mere third dimensional minds, that even I, as a man of pure and unbiased science, have trouble... complexing this into my tiny, pea-sized, homosapien mind.

This game, truly is, the epitamy of all existence in of itself. It is the very definition and why of being. There is nothing else to this, but to simply watch. It exists to keep, and you, dear reader, may be confused, with your slightly smaller pea-sized homosapien brain, but trust me when I say, that this does indeed make sense.

This is the best... not a game... experience.

Anytime! I've seen a couple other developers do that, they add just enough content for you to get your feet in with the game and then send you off on your own or just outright end the demo.

I feel as though, unless you totally rework the game and change everything about it, this web version could be left as it is, a perfect if not better example of a demo. It's not incomplete, it feels fine and fluid, and if you told me the game's mechanics were complete and all you needed to do was work on areas and story, I'd believe you.

I'm actually kinda excited to see the rest of the game's development process.

I'd presume she's covering her breasts out of dignity.

Very fun, combat feels fleshed out and fluid, story is pretty interesting, 

And I'm a sucker for games with alternate costumes, that's a great mechanic. If possible maybe add more costumes? I really like that idea.

I feel like light attacks (Z attacks) should be buffed for guys in armor, because as it stands 0.1 (to guys in armor) to 0.8 (to guys not in armor) damage isn't a lot... like at all,

The horny mechanic is pretty cool, I wouldn't say you get punished per se., but you do lose your ability to attack, overall the combat feels fine, and if you left the demo here and moved on to download only, the game would be fine. This is a great demo, and I hope you keep updating the game.

Cool concept as a platform, I don't wanna say 'shame it's used for porn' because it isn't.

Really great concept as a platform. Like... really cool. The ability to upload an image to a platform and animate it in the platform without the use of multiple frames is an incredible concept.

However the demo can definitely turn some professional people down. I mean the demo is what a demo SHOULD be. It gives you the concept, tells you what and how to do things, and then turns you loose. That's what a demo should be in my eyes.

Again, incredible and stupendous concepts, demo images are just NSFW. which came in clutch ngl

Dude it is hearting his brain!11!!! >:((

Honestly isn't hard, just had to think for a bit. Nice wordplay.

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If possible maybe you could add character selecting? For instance when making a level you could decide which character the level is meant to be played as.

For example there could be levels that you're supposed to play as Tails and literally cannot do with Sonic.

I think it'd be a cool concept, and even adding another character (like Tails) would be a hell of a lot of work.

Edit: There's a few bugs (obviously), one of which: The ring box doesn't work, and anything touching it makes Sonic fly upwards.

I made a staircase leading up to a ring box and it just telported Sonic to the ring box and made him start teleporting up and fall back on the ring box.

Game is great, glad to hear that there's a second one. Hope you [the dev] keep making more games like this!

Pretty sure Markiplier played this in one of his "3 Scary Games" videos. 

Honestly surprised that Markiplier played a Garfield game.

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Honestly, a top tier game. I'll play it once it comes out. Combat was fun, I liked the brief intervals between the opponent's attack and you being able to block, the mini-games were fun. Character's were pretty cool. Best part was mentioning Platinum, I immediately thought of an R63 Star Platinum, and it'd be funny if that's what inspires the art for Platinum. 

Overall great game. Story intrigued me, style reminded me of a game that I can't, for the life of me, remember the name or anybody from it. Got some nostalgia from it because of that. 

I truly, honestly, hope you don't give up on this project. Especially considering how much potential the game has, it's already incredible. If I had a few bucks I could throw your way I would.

Absolutely, no doubt about it would pay full price for this. Great story. Also, the idea of a holo-chamber intrigued me. I have a few questions if you can get around to answering them?

Last minute addition that I forgot to add when I posted this, the load buttons only worked sometimes, and after two save slots were used, they took up both autosave slots and I could save over the empty slots. I've read some of the comments, turns out I'm not the only one with this issue.

Edit: If I had money to spare, I'd toss a couple of bucks your way, but I'm a little tight on cash as it stands. Although! I would like to see Platinum's artwork. I half expect a JoJo reference but I won't be disappointed if it isn't. I now resume my wait for the full release. 

Hopefully development's going well and happy late New Year!