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Thanks Ryuu! Glad you liked it and I totally agree with your feedback. The controller issue is on my end. I didnt know all the stuff that went into controller usage. However, this is fixed on my new game im working on. It will have full controller support. :) 

Hi! I have a real issue with lighting and your tool might be the only solution I have found. However, I have to problems I need help with:

1. Is it possible to have a rectangle selection tool instead of a sphere, for selecting light probes? The sphere isn't precise enough. 

2. Is it possible to change the scene lightmap instead of just the gameobject? I can group game objects in lightmaps with Bakery. Or, can the tool change the lightmap for all the gameobjects children and not only the game object with the script?

If possible, how would I need to modify the code? Thank you! 🙏

Thank you for your nice comment! Im working hard on my next horror game and its a massive improvment. :) 

Working on a sandbox horror multiplayer game that will blow every horror lover and streamers mind! Not ready to be shared yet but follow me and I will update you when the time is right. 🥳

Very good video! Even I jumped the first time you died and I made the game. 😅

Glad you liked it and go freaked out! :) 

Very nice video! Loved to hear a scared scream in (I guess) French! 🙌

Many thanks! The concept of doing specific tasks under pressure will be a main focus of my next game. :)

Sorry, I don't know how chromebook works. :/ 

Thanks and nice video man! I agree with you that a lot of horror games is long and not scarry anymore so that's why I created this. I will now create a longer game. 🥳

Haha thank you! :)

Thanks! I'm working hard on game developing during my summer vacation. :) 

Thanks! Very entertaining reactions in your video. I laugh so hard! 😂

Thank you and nicely edited video! 😀

Nice video! Keep up the good work. 😃

Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it. I enjoyed your video very much! :) 

Haha thank you! I'm spending my vacation game developing so hopefully there will be more, better and greater stuff in the future. :D 

Thank you so much! Nice video as well! :)

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your video. You are very entertaining and had some great video edits! :) 

Thank you! You had the best reaction so far! Exactly what I had in mind when creating the game. 🤣

Thank you! Liked your video as well. You handled the ending in a great way, with laughter. ;) 

Thanks for your nice words. Nice video! :)

Thank you so much! Great video as well. You are very funny and entertaining to look at. 👏

Thanks! I believe you have the best reaction of all YouTubers playing this game. Really nice video! 🤣

Thanks! Yes, the game isn't perfect as I only been doing game Dev for 6 month. But I totally agree with you. :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Nice video and edits. 👍😃

Thank you so much! Really nice video of yours. 👍

Funny video man! Glad you liked the game. :) 

Thank you so much! :D

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Thank you so much for your kind word! Also, hilarious flaw you found. Poof of concept! 😂

Thanks! I used the asset Aura 2 for the fog and lightning. Then I tinkered so much so I don't quite remember what I did but I have some aqua colored lights to lit up the forest but I believe the fog itself also emitts some aqua colors. 

I also adjusted the low, midtones and highs in post processing. I emphesised the hight while making the low and midtones darker. 

Maybe I write a better post later on but I hope this at least gives you some pointers. 👍😃

Thank you for your super kind word! 🙏

Thank you! That makes me so happy. :D

Game just updated to clarify the ending, for real this time. ;)

Also, read me development log "Lets talk about the ending and the future" above where I clarify the reason behind the ending.

I agree with you. My limited knowledge in game development limits me, for now. But if this is what I learned in only 6 month while having a full time job, I have high hopes for the future. 

Great video! :)

Thanks for you kind words! I must say that your video is the most entertainin video of my game so far. Nicely done! 👌

Very nice video! I wasn't aware of the controller issue with the keypad. I will look into it. 👍

Game have been updated to make ending more clear. Some other smal stuff have been updated as well.

Hi all! Thanks for your nice comments and you are totally right, the ending isn't clear enough and I will fix this. 

This is my first "game" and focus was absolutely on the environment and stress factor. :)