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What a splendid recreation! So glad this exists :D

Fantastic work, thank you!

These are so good! I wish you'd bundle all of your assets together to make buying them easier ;-;

that tree is... dabbing? omg lol

I love everything about this little guy

This looks like a decent player skin for like a 2.5d backrooms game... I'll be right back

he's doing the gmod dance lol

I've gotten my pathfinding working, but I'm trying to make a monster chase a player, and the monster just goes to where they were, stands around for a second or two, then pathfind again. How can I update the pathfinding more frequently, preferably while the monster is still in motion?



These are so cute! 


These look awesome! Love your assets!

Looking good!

These are very good! Consistent style, with lots of variety!

very clean

Yeah, AI isn't quite ready for pixel art generation. However, you might want to look into using controlNET to generate animations with continuity, then pack those into a spritesheet.

Ah okay, thanks for letting me know! I thought the change color effect  was bugged for the 3dobject but I just tried it again and it works, just doesn't display properly in the editor. Thanks again!

I can't figure out how to change solid colors. Do I need to export the model with different materials for the different solid colors? Can I just change the color of a material that's already a solid color?  I'm using Kenney's minigolf assets, and I'd like to be able to change the colors of the green, walls and obstacles without exporting multiple different models. Thanks!

These are awesome! Hope I can find a use for them :)

very interesting! Not sure I can think of a practical use for this individual asset, but I hope you create more assets!

very nice work!

Really like this artstyle! Would love to see some enemies and items :)


This is neat!

incredible work!

Has anyone figured out an efficient workflow for taking the Synty POLYGON characters, importing non linear animations for them and then exporting them as gltf? I've been trying all night, trying mostly with blender but also trying gltf export plugins in unreal engine that didn't work. I just wanna build up my library of animated characters in .gltf >< not a lot of gltf model packs online except for quaternius 

very interesting! incredible you made this in c3!

You are a life saver, thank you so much! I'll figure out what's wrong with my gltf exports and upgrade eventually, but I have a game due on Halloween so I just wanted to work with the obj method. Thanks again, and thanks for making such an incredible plugin!

I had upgraded from a version using obj/mtl, and my models were working fine. I updated the plugins and had to export the obj in the gltf format, but one of my models won't show at all, and all the others are wildly deformed. Importing the gltf in blender displays it as normal. Is there anywhere I can download previous versions of the plugin and go back to the obj/mtl version? 

Here is the .zip

Thanks for the quick response, good luck with your plugin!

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I tried importing a model, but it's texture is all squashed and repeating. I popped it in blender to check, and it displays just fine. I've scoured the example project, but I can't tell if I'm missing a step or if there's a bug. Very impressive plugin though! A few more updates and this could be a huge addition to construct 3!

When I try to open this in construct 3, it says it converted legacy scripts to modular or something, then when I run the project it's just a white screen.

no u

This is great! I wish the edge of the island wasn't always cut off though :/


It saves the progress in a localstorage file, so if you cleared your browser cookies or something it would lose that progress. There's a secret key combo to unlock the games instantly but I'm not gonna tell you :P