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Hey thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! :)

Hey thanks for the feedback, there's a few things I'd of done differently with our submission, the UI layout would be one of them aha.

Glad you managed to play the whole game! Thanks again. :) 

Thanks for the feedback! :) 

Very nice work :)

Definitely motion sickness educing, not what you want to play with a hangover, art was nice also :) 

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Glad to see you managed to finish the game, worth the extra day for sure. Simple and clean with  a bit of charm coming from the texts. Thought the + - crates were a cool idea.
Audio was really nice too, sfx were spot on :)

Fun puzzles well made :) 

Interesting take on the theme, nice job

Nice fun little runner. :) 

Visually pretty, fun mechanics wished the level was a bit bigger but other than that I loved it :)

Fun, quirky mechanics, well put together.

Visually impressive given the time frame, did you make all the assets yourself?

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hey, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! 

Out of curiosity, did you manage to get far in the game? 

Fun concept and had a nice challenge. The controls felt a little off not being able to jump with space, but that's the only negative I found. :)

Fun concept and had a nice challenge. The controls felt a little off not being able to jump with space, but that's the only negative I found. :)

Hey thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it! :) 

No worries! :)

Fun quirky and pretty :) 

Thanks for playing and the feedback! :)

Unique and fun with plenty of levels.

Unique, fun -albeit very easy to break- with a nice clean UI :) 

I'm going to say yes? Haha. 

Thanks for playing! :) 

Hey thanks for playing and leaving some feedback! 

By design, glad to hear you found them hard! haha. Apologise about that, should be fixed now, was an error on my own part relating to embedding size! :) Thanks again. 

Nice to see some 3D projects, a tad bit too fast but that might be down to my decaying reflexes with age haha! Fun to play non the less with some pretty assets :) 

Thanks for playing! Indeed, wanted to showcase the concept in first few levels but really ramp up the difficult in the last 2. 

Hey thanks for playing!

Yeah the last level is pretty hard, I'm impressed you managed 5, took me so long testing! aha. The trick is to gain as much height on the flick near the middle ^^ 

Fun and polished same as every week! Great job :) 

Hey thanks for the detailed response, we planned on visual feedback regarding taking damage as well as sprite animations for chomping enemies but alas, we ran out time. 

Thanks for playing! :) 

Thanks, we were initially going to have an animation for it but ran out of time, if you played with sound on there's some sound ques that help to tell you if you've registered a hit or not.

Thanks for playing though! :) 

Fun and simple!

Really interesting game, love the flow! :) 

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Hey, we've ironed out most of the main issues, give it another go if you can! 


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Work in progress aha. Trying to get it to work!

Really nice game, simple and feels polished, love the animations as well :)