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Thanks!!! Haha, yeah we had fun. Loved you game too!!

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Haha, this was one of my favorite ones to watch. Love the physics puzzle aspect. Love that it's collaborative as well.

Love it!! So cool how you have the oxygen and have to keep moving.

Really love this style of game. Looks to me like one you could definitely keep moving forward with. Awesome sound effects and music.

Great work!! 

Love it! Feel like i'm at a party on the drum scene!! 

Haha you made me laugh so hard with the ghost thing. Super cute/fun :)

Feels like Battleship 2.0 .. Super cool!!

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Love your art style so much!!  The shadows in the distance are also a neat feature!

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So fun! Love it. Excited to play it. So cool that you made this work on mobile with the opera stuff and all. Genius.

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Love it!! Beautiful assets. Awesome tile system. The fireballs and bombs look mega fun and the boss was sweet.

Great work! Love the retro feel.

Lol, died laughing at the sad ending!! Beautifull art as well <3

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Beautiful! Love the dragon (haha caught me super off guard in a super good way) and the map magic integration with awesome assets! But also multiplayer! Y'all cranked! Great work :)

Haha, I died at the dancing guy! Love the narrations and traps.

Awesome gameplay and so cool seeing the multiplayer working so well. You're a legend Greg!!

SO GOOD!!! Lol, super excited to see how high of a score I can get once the jam is over!!

Great work guys!! Super cool seeing the multiplayer working so well!!

Love it!!! Like the wifi zones incorporated into a platformer!! Haha fun music too

Super Fun. Lol love the attention to detail like with the radio and light. So fun!!!

Story and Gameplay walkthrough video:

Thanks!!! :)

Thanks Jordon!! Loved your game too!!!! So cool you made that work on phone! Haha, the bird is my favorite!

Haha, thanks! That means a ton!! :)