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Lara Prisma

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yeah maybe... sorry for this spam.

I don't know, I don't want to have to read a description of the execution three times in a row! I want to feel the anguish and despair of the characters! I know it sounds bad, but that's what makes executions good in the first place! I didn't even understand what was going on! it doesn't even look like they bothered to do a real execution! I didn't feel anything from running! I'm going to watch gameplays instead of spending my time with this game... sorry.

I agree with all your criticisms! and apparently I was right, that's how it is for the rest of the game! I feel bored, I liked at least four or five characters, and I found the game nothing like dangaronpa. it's like the developers wanted to make a murder mystery game but named it dangaronpa to attract more players! the execution of the first chapter is what broke me, I give up! I don't want to play a game that makes me bored and I don't know how to use "show don't tell"! serious! WHY is the execution just a static image with text covering it all?? I read it and until now I have no idea what happened!! literally, WHAT HAPPENED???

the only thing i peopl is all luck and all the best to the developers! but this game was not what I wanted from something with the title dangaronpa on it!

I can't go on, not because I feel sad about what happens in the first chapter, but because this chapter alone, left me disappointed and with a sour taste in my mouth. feels more like a game FORCED to be dangaronpa than a game that WANTS to be dangaronpa. i feel nothing for the execution which in my opinion sucks! this is not a run, this is a static image with text covering it all! I couldn't see the despair in the culprit, I couldn't see anything that was happening! the execution being described and not showing is what made me give up on this game.

the game can be good, but for me, this is not dangaronpa. is a murder mystery game with the title dangaronpa thrown into it. this looks nothing like dangaronpa, and I don't know the developers' intentions in making these decisions, but whatever it is, it shows that they wanted to make a murder mystery first and a dangaronpa fangame second. I wish them luck, but I don't think I'll continue to play the game.

personally, I just finished the first trial and I already feel bored. I like the characters and art, and the story seems interesting. but unfortunately i feel like this game wants to be something nothing to do with danganronpa. the execution was very "what?" I blinked and it was over! this is not dangaronpa for me, the execution was tell don't show, and that was annoying, I didn't even understand what was going on because there were no visuals! just a static image in the background with a dialog box in the middle which was very annoying!

At this point I don't care about spoilers, because unfortunately, if the rest of the game is like chapter 1, I'd rather play ultra despair girls! I'm disappointed, I wanted to play it because of the art, but this game let me down, the investigation sucked too! it didn't even feel like a real investigation! I hope developers make games that don't have to follow a danganronpa pattern, because clearly they don't want to make a danganronpa. I'm not saying the game is bad, but as a dangaronpa fangame, I expected much more. the game would be better if it didn't have connections with danganronpa.

I just finished the first trial, and I'll be honest right now, if the investigations and executions are really boring and dull, I'd rather play another fangame! the execution is very chatty! I can't understand what the fuck is going on! and I couldn't feel anything!

otherwise, art, trial mechanics, characters everything is ok! but just with this chapter, I felt bored beyond belief. I'm sorry, but nothing in this fangame makes me think of dangaronpa besides the trial and the ultimates. cuts the ultimate title, pink blood, music, monokuma files (what the hell, why the fuck is monokuma mentioned if he DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE GAME???), trial and "execution" and it's just another murder mystery game. I'm sorry for being rude. but I think I give up on continuing with this game, I was already bored, but the "execution" of the first chapter just spoiled the game for me, show don't tell is something that was not clearly thought of when doing these executions.

I believe that the developers of this game have the potential to tell a good story and make a great game. unfortunately, it won't be a dangaronpa fangame. I wish you guys luck but honestly this game doesn't feel like dangaronpa to me which is ok but there are a lot of things I didn't really like.

as a final note, I would give it a 6/10 or just a 5/10. You guys clearly want to do something original, but for some reason you felt like you were making a fangame of a game that clearly doesn't match the game you have in mind. I wish you luck with future games.

How do I recover the game after it deletes itself???

eu tambem sou brazileira!! esse jogo parece tão fofinho e lindo!!

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I've seen videos of the developer redesigning yandere simulator characters! I already knew about the existence of this game but never tried to play! now i just want to see how the game is! lol

and also because I LOVE magical girls! and i always wanted to see magical girls with dark skin! and all the characters look so cute!! I really have to play!! I don't know what I'm missing!!