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is it possible to only go after girls in this game, or can you make it possible to go after red as well in the future XDXDXD

cool! and would the fetishes like corruption and bimbofication be possible to apply to the guys too XD or is it only the MC

cool thank you for the reply!

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please don't be sorry, health always comes first! Its better to be safe and responsible enough to know when to step back from something when it becomes too much, I'm sure everyone else can understand, so please only do what youre comfortable with and don't feel any pressure! Just concentrate on getting better! Wishing you all the best :) 

Also i'm sorry for posting such long messages when you were sick, I just wrote anything I thought of during my free time and I didn't mean to pile on to your work so again im sorry about that

there's a tutorial that seems really helpful on that site that really walks you through it, and the final result looks so great XD 

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hey Yokubo you might have seen this already, but just in case I wanted to show you this cool plug in for ANIMATING the characters while they talk! XD (like mouth moving, or other small -or big- actions you may choose to add during their dialogues)

If you think its feasible it would be so cool to implement some thing similar in the game sometime in the future!! The maker seems to present this as relatively simple to implement, as well as the other users on the forum in comparison to other methods and its supposed to be significantly better which was why i wanted to show you in case you haven't seen it already

the game looks really good! But i was wondering if you were planning on adding any characters who were more lean or less bulky? I love your art style and game concept but i personally like less bulky boys haha :)

also if clothes are removed in this event it could be a way to showcase the underwear designs @JesHOLO mentioned before XD

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thank youuu for listening to my ramblings! actually for scrolling the images, i found information about a plugin that should do just that! Heres the link:

I hope it works/is what youre looking for! I don't know how it may effect clicking and the other functions inside a dreamscape like event, but im sure theres a way!

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here's a link to a video of that mode if you haven't seen it before, its similar to the dreamscape event but i like that the pose is of your love interest lying down and looking at him/her from above (like a body pillow style i guess?) as opposed to a perspective view or in the middle of a complicated pose:

Although i very much like that your version gives you the choice to keep some or all of their clothes on if you so choose, so it would be awesome if that can be maintained! Actually currently you can make the clothes disappear, but it would be cool if they get removed in stages like one of the character's dreamscapes (don't want to spoil anything XD) where things get unbuttoned, the shirt lifted up a little bit, pants down at their knees, etc. before finally removing it completely off! Also the idea of dressing them up in costumes looks amazing! 

it could also be cool if there could be variations like them on their back or front, or legs up or down, etc!

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by the way for the bedroom scenes, would it be possible to implement a dreamscape-like event similar to the scenes in a yaoi game called seiyuu danshi? Theres a foreplay event in that game where your love interest is basically laying on a bed and you use toys or other actions on them, but they're lying straight down like Ray and Ruko's sub scenes in your mother's home and you can scroll to see their entire body. You might have seen that concept already but i thought it could be a cool inspiration!

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Hi, I haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet, but I was wondering if you can go after any guys in the game or is it only girls? And if you plan on making the list of fetishes you wrote above applicable for guy routes as well? Thanks for reading :P

ah that makes sense, excited to see the new desire XD

oh sorry haha by room events i meant the room cgs in your mother's house

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hopefully it can help with coming up with ideas, i realized how hard it would actually be to make different designs for each desire as well! Also I was wondering if you were planning on adding to the room events soon? No rush or anything just wondering!

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for the design some characters could have some writing on the band, maybe something matching their personality or a funny pun of a known company?

don't worry the game looks great and im sure everyones happy to wait so the final game can be what you imagine!

i think all of them still show serene... The part with the small fairies attacking you and i think when you slap the queen shows a skirt in the foreground

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thats kind of common knowledge, theres no need to point that out.

hey the games looks great and i love your art style! would you ever consider making a yaoi version as well in the future ;P

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although for some of their current designs it might not work and make the drawings more complicated. Actually it could be cool to have the desire sprites only in underwear for something similar to the halloween costume pack that can be offered as an event, and the idea of designing them through polls is cool! There could even be a swimsuit event too hehe

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ooh i asked about underwear a while back too haha

i see, I've tried the inn a few times and haven't seen the event yet so i was just wondering. I think for the fairy village part the scene still shows serene as well, so far everything else though has shown Myles 

is it only for serene? because I've been playing as myles so far

also are there any inn events already implemented? I wasn't sure how to trigger them if they were

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ok i just sent it by messaging you directly on discord (its not on the general chat for the game) Also since folders can't be sent i sent the specific save file instead of the entire save folder

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should i try sending you my save file so you can try recreating the error just to see it in game? (can send it through discord)

oh no its not your fault for you to be apologising, its natural for this to happen during development, believe me i know the stress of debugging code and im sure its even worse for a big game like this

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I've only tried it with lanch thus far, but even to use the portal, i noticed that when the main character's exp was ---- (i.e. the max) the portal wouldn't work. I had to use the rock book to lower my level to 89 for it to work, so maybe the desires levels also have to be reduced? (i was doing this with the desires levels being 99 so their experience were all -----)

also the rate of encounters in the mansion is so high that i can't leave lol, an exclamation mark pops up before i can leave the house haha

hey I've just played through again, and now exp is showing and i can get desires, but i can't have sex with my desires in their rooms because i don't have enough exp despite being level 100

its no problem, it would be cool for the next poll though! Anyways a lot of people voted already so adding it now may not get it voted much at this point

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would it be possible to add at this point to the poll a mischievous option for the personality and a caramel brown (like persian) skin colour? Im always suprised how much youre able to add to the game each update by the way! It looks great so far XD

oh no don't worry you weren't rushing me at all! I have a lot of school work right now so i didn't get a lot of time to try it out but i didn't feel like you were rushing me!!

also: which has some features to uniqueify your discord page!

also if it helps here's the link for setting up a discord server:, I used it once before and it was pretty useful! Although you may have already used this haha

oh i haven't got that far yet

probably an issue with the old save files then

yes restarting it now shows an EXP of 0 and the amount of EXP for the next level