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U.A. Lapjank

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The game takes quite a bit of aiming practice to master, but once you do, dunking 7-1s on off guard opponents is nice

And make orange darker while at it. The number of times I’ve tried to merge yellow and orange is concerning

I’m already stumped on seven :cry:

Pretty nice game. 10/10. Although I did somehow manage to softlock the game when playing against Conrad once (somehow clogged the road with a tanks standoff and the strip mountains and forest was taken up by a heavy infantry and mech battle. I could have technically played it out, but I figured restarting would be faster)

Also figured out a neat strat: APCs are pretty tanky for a cheap boi and empty can be used to divert AI attention or block off important roads. Very useful if the game stalls out a bit and you need to buy some time. However, building Recon bois or saving up for tanks is usually a better idea unless you know or sure what you're doing.

Nah it's more fun to see your hard work and brilliant strategy and positioning pay off as the AI watches helplessly

it could be stored in cycles but converted afterward

maybe something like: You won in 30:00 (1800 cycles)

Considering i almost always get offered Darrrr befre even beating the first boss, i'd say Darrrr shows up quite frequently. All these other ones are very valid tho (haven't ever seen a vamp or djinn lol)

True the books have a bug or two (sometimes they don't make a bookshelf at all, really annoying)

Diversity demon is still pretty good without structures and items (Monster + Human + Beast + Undead + Construct + Demon is not too bad for early game)

I've found the agency is pretty good for destroying stuff. Not reliable, however.

All concerns voiced here are very valid and the game needs balancing and a less random form of randomness. Starting characters may also be great (those starting civilians really bloat the build and are especially a headache early on). Also some rarities should definitely not be showing up earlier in the game

They are so good id doesn't really matter unless you have another ongoing build (they also destroy themselves pretty fast it's so satisfying)

Really nice game,, now i have this naggig itch to get a pet chick :)

If you ever visit this,, maybe an option to buy those chicken boxes? (also a way to dump an entire box at once lol,, tanks the frame-rate, but anything for ze flex)

yes you do,, how dare you leave chimkns out in the cold and ik you have boxes :cry:

just give the game a minute and it should load

(1 edit)

i swear i can make iced lattes in about 2 seconds as long as i don't think about it lol,, if my brain even tries to work, i usually end up with a cup full of garbage

easy and relaxing:: I found the dark souls player lol

They not waiting for me to walk away after taking their order and they ordered triple topping toast (also unrelated i just gave up and decided i dont serve toast and egg on the same plate,, those burn so fast)

I'm here to re-alive you so we can have more hooman hands to pet the cat :)

6/8 damn (can't find the other two, sadly)

ayyy fiets with a new feat

Current record for a 0% run is around 1:22, so if you have video evidence of the run, you might just snatch it

The dev probably was limited by something, maybe binding both to the same button was causing issues

But I'm not jumping high enough, even with triple jump :sad:

Press X and down to discard your soul then kill the pink birb to get dash soul

Lol same :D

Inscryption vibes lol

I spent about 5 minutes on the first tutorial section of the game thinking how much of a pro I am, not realising it was actually a tutorial. Nice game