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God this game was awesome. The concept in the flood of Santa and snowman games is something a bit more original in the Christmas horror genre. The Seussian rhyme and look of everything was lovely, and atmosphere built while trying to keep the box closed was smart. 

MY only qualm was it took me a while to figure out what I was to do before I started finding things. Even then what I could interact with on the final item was a bit dubious. 

Does this detract from the game, no. The sounds, the aesthetic, the visuals and story all overcomes this create an overall scary and oppressive experience. Fully recommend, and the fact this was made for a jam is even more impressive. I'm just sad I'm seeing it now rather than when it first came out. Keep making great games! 

Okay this game surprised me. I love the idea of the lore, and it does look like it was touching upon the lore of Tariaksuq and Wendigo's. Which is a good thing. the animation of the creature was also better, and had some great pacing. Really enjoyed myself. I haven't played a game from this developer before, but I'd be interested in trying another. The sfx really is what sold it for me, that and that chimney scene. Like my god. Overally really like this. 

Well this was an interesting gem. I nearly didn't see it, but definitely love the aesthetic and the world you built. Even if it's a dream. It's short, but to the point, and didn't overstay it's welcome. Not too shabby.  

Omg the weeping angel effect in this is wild. Really, really enjoyed it. Took me while to find everything, and as far as I know you can't escape, but had a ton of fun with it. 


Such an interesting game. It was dark at times, but added to the spookiness to it. It was short, but it got to the point. It was overall a very quiet game tough, so it through me off. Overall a pretty decent game, but since it's so short, it doesn't overstay it's welcome. 

This game interesting, and I can say, I did not see that ending coming until it was too late. So many questions. I loved the art style. One thing I forgot to note in the video was the whispering and noises in the background. Such a great soundscape. I really like twist on this in comparison to other Christmas horror games. I actually chose to premier it on Christmas day because I enjoyed it so much. Keep up the good work 

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Really Enjoyed this. I loved the following mechanic, and definitely reminded me of one of the scariest tv moments I saw as a kid. 

The story also took a nice twist, and surprised me. Got a lot deeper than I was expecting when I started it. Also not going to lie, it really spooked me for a moment. That one part got me. 

The only aspect was making the snowball. I got it, but it wasn't immediately apparent. Especially on the ritual part. But over all didn't detract too much. 

Keep up the good work! Can recommend!

Omg I am so impressed with this. Normally I'm not creeped out by aliens, but I can say you managed to do it. The voice acting is clean and the game is gorgeous. The story is interesting too, and honestly I feel like I missed a ton. I went back realized how much I was missing. Great job and I cannot wait for the release! 

This was such a great game to explore and I have so many questions. 

So many theories! And I can't say I have that a ton with some of these games. The atmosphere was stellar, and the voice acting, while light was solid. Also just the attention to detail is just wonderful. I had to stop myself some many times while recording from looking at everything. You all did such a wonderful. I'm incredibly impressed. 

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I will say I'm impressed. It was a fun game and I kept looking for ways to avoid my fate. But the horror will always be a drive through. 

I only wish it was longer, and look forward to it becoming a full game. Until then but I look forward to your next game and definitely recommend it for everyone to give it a try.

P.S that ghost really got me haha. 

Amazing! Honestly the grammar jokes were only in jest. The game is amazing, and I'm keeping my eyes glued for the continuation. Such a great concept. Love :)

I really, really enjoyed this game. The creativity with the property is lovely. Also some of the creatures are really interesting designs. Everyone give it a try!

The only issue I ran into, was when I loaded back in after the story was over, was I was trapped in the first a room. So don't know what was going on. Overall very enjoyable. 

I can't wait for part 2 and see where this story goes. Definitely intriguing for a short game.  Fit well with my Bite Size Horror Series! Good job. 

Loved it! I love the creature design and the ambiance. I look forward to more of this. I will keep an eye out for any updates 

God this game got me. I did have to edit sound out due to the copyrighted song, but fantastic job. The game itself really lives up to its name, as the tension kept escalating. I can't wait to try whatever else you all end up doing, because damn. 

Aww, I'm so glad that you were moved by the playthrough. I was so impressed, but incredibly moved by the concept, and really believe it's a message that should shared to more. Thank you for reaching back out to me, and it's amazing to hear back from you! If anything else is made for you, I will be covering it, because if you are able to produce something like this, than I look forward to what you all do next.

This game really took a turn. I thought it was going a supernatural turn, but instead swerved into much deeper territory. A really great game with a very strong message that needs to be heard. Can recommend. You all did a fantastic job and I can say it's been a while since I've been actually surprised. Keep it up.

I am not usually a fan of visual novels especially for horror games, but I really liked this game. The way you are able to move around, the aesthetic, the moving environment, and story just gripped me. So much I kept going for the endings. I look forward to what follows as I realize it's a prologue. 

THe only caveat is some grammar errors or at least peculiar ways of writing, but it's not enough to really change how I feel. Suffice to say I'm pleasantly impressed. Very good job 👍. Everyone should definitely give it a try. 

I'm so looking forward to this. The prologue was impressive. 

I loved the old school feel of this, and I look forward to trying the other path! It has such an analog and old mac game feel, and so it makes me feel so nostalgic. More than that, it has a great atmosphere and a ton of fun ideas. I look forward to more of this, as the style really caught my eye. Everyone please try this game. 

Okay just the mechanic alone is great, and so much fun to mess with, as I painted my world. But once the spooks began, it got so much better. This is such a creepy game, and I really, really enjoyed it. This was the recorded version, but I ended up playing it so many more times, and it's just spooky. Great game and I can recommend it. 

Only gripe is I have no idea for what story is happening. But even beyond that it's a wonderful game full of atmosphere. So just go play it. It's worth a try. 

Okay I can say I enjoyed the atmosphere on this one quite a bit. I didn't have time to explore all of the endings, but I will certainly be coming back to explore all of those.

This is such a well crafted game, and it's got some great spooks. The lights blowing is a great example of building atmosphere, creating a scare without it being a jump scare. This game along with it's pixelated retro graphics has charm, and great atmosphere. It's spooky, and I can fully recommend.

I'll follow up with more of this review once I've explored everything including the multiple endings, but damn, I enjoyed this. Just play it. It's great. 

God that was well made. I cannot wait for the full game. The basement area especially once the alarm goes off is just stressful. Also I'm so curious on the lore of this as it reminds me of some creepypasta takes on Garfield, and I'm deeply interested. Great work on the character models, and I'm curious to see where you go from here on all of this. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the full thing, and what gets released with it. Great Potential and can recommend this demo. It's short, but it's good. 

It's the second game in the video above. 

I loved this game, and love the art style. It had some great ambiance and great atmosphere. Though the constant closing doors I think almost drove me crazy. Despite that, it's a well crafted short game, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. That ending line was great. Great Aesthetic, and the lo-fi pixels was a nice call back to the retro demos of old. Overall great game and really well done for a jam game.   

Very welcome. I really enjoyed the game and look forward to whatever else you put out.

God I enjoyed it. I see so much promise in this, and have already now added the game to my wishlist. But seriously, the voice acting is great, and the atmosphere is so thick. I had a ton of fun with this.

It does feel a bit disjointed, but as this is a demo, that makes sense. There were a few bugs, but I believe this was an earlier build, so this may be why which included a random swirling camera issue. But overall it's very polished. The music is great and ambient, and the scares are nice. 

I look forward to the full game, and wonder how it gets connected. But until then I recommend people give it a whirl. It's definitely worth your time. 
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So there have been games winking and nodding at this lore, but to do one that actually goes straight to the source. Amazing. Really had a great time with this one.

It's a straight forward story, and not a lot of mechanics, but very very fun. I do wish there was a bit more to interact with since the option is there. Also being able to send the tape to someone else would be a nice split ending. I won't lie, not spoiling, but going up the stairs after the tv part actually really got me. Haven't screamed audibly like that in a while. 

But overall, it looks great, plays well, and runs smooth. Sadako looks great as well so there is also great character design. 

Definitely would recommend as this is an amazing love letter to the genre and the movie/book.

You are welcome 🤗. I look forward to what you put out next. 

What a great little gem of an alpha. I enjoyed the twists, and the story was interesting. The shower scene alone was worth the playthrough. I also enjoyed the mechanics with the father. I'm looking forward to final product, but this definitely has some great promise

What a great little experience. While it's not particularly long experience/game, it is a very intriguing story. It left me with a lot of questions, and quite a few I could leave with viewers. Worth the play through, and you should jump right in.

Okay this was a really fun game. The concept and execution of it is just wonderful and it really shows that CM9 Animation really paid attention when creating this lovely gem. Visually alone it is captivating and looks straight from Mario 64, which was really nostalgic, and made it more immersive when the horror hits. 

You can feel the tension as you hide in the chest, and hope to god she didn't see you go into it. Sound wise, while simple, does not detract from the game, and really can lull you into a sense of security before discovering her right behind it. 

Overall it's a fun game, and worth picking up. I look forward to how this is outside of the demo. But for now, it has a ton of potential.  

What a fun game. I had a ton of fun exploring the different endings here. The art style is not something I normally play, but yet it was quirky and drew me in. In a way it lulls you in, before it starts to get weirder. The calming music also starts to contribute to this. '

The best part is the multiple endings, that take a while to figure out what to do at times. There are 8 endings altogether and I only found 5. But there are probably more including the secret one, that I encourage others to find. 

Overall it's an interesting game, and definitely show potential for being their first game.

I don't know what my expectations were when I started this game, but god this one god me really good. 

The mechanics alone are wonderful, and it spooked me several times. The use of the mirrors, and perspectives were top notch. The sound design is phenomenal, fits the setting very well.

Each moment is crafted well, and I now want to try the other games they've put out. Especially if they are up to this quality. Also that tall man is creepy. I liked it so much, that it was the cover for the thumbnail above. So go check it out. It worth it so much to play. 

It's also the third game in the video above. Also go try out the extended version. It's even better. 
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Omg this had me on the seat of my pants from the onset. The VHS aesthetic alone was a draw in. But from the onset, you already booking it as you're being followed, and as someone who has been stalked in irl, it really hit a cord. 

I read the story afterward, and it hit home even further. The sound design is wonderful. The soundtrack itself is unique and yet draws you in as you run for you life. Even more that is has multiple endings, which one just surprised the heck out of me. This game has some major potential and is worth trying out. Just do it, you won't regret it!

If you want a preview, it's the first game in the set above. 

This was an interesting take on a horror game. And it did take me a minute to figure out. But definitely recommend this one. As a fan of space this hit that special moment in my heart, as I feel like there aren't a ton of them. It also really hits that Ridley Scott Alien aesthetic which an extra plus.

It's the second video in the series above and overall worth trying out! 

Such great atmosphere building in this. The story gives a nice mystery, and overall I really enjoyed this. It's incredibly pretty and the sound design is incredibly on point. The teleportation really starts to get to you, and some of the subtle parts like lockers moving, or the shadow in front of the door only add to the experience. 

My only issue really is that the subtitles are very small, so reading was a bit hard, as the voice acting while great, is hard to hash out amongst the static at time on the radios. 

It's the second game in the video above if you wanting to see a bit of the gameplay. 

Overall though it's worth the experience, and definitely worth a try.

Let me start off with, MY GOD THIS SCARED ME! I actually played this one live and it still scared me with a live audience. It builds such a great atmosphere. More than that it creates so many questions, and all I want now is the lore of why. 

The boy or is it a doll, I'm nit sure, but the mechanic of it stopping and going by light is a great mechanic and panic inducing. I also noticed the weeping angle aspects of the dolls and mannequins. The sfx are tight, and it's not difficult enough that you can't escape. My only question is... What happened to Mark? Definitely recommend. It's the first game in the video above. So download it and try it.

It's worth it.

Oh well thank you so much :). That means a lot. It was a fun game to play. I love that you have multiple endings. Took me a minute to figure them out. I definitely will keep an eye out. Because if you made something interesting like this, then I'm curious to see what else you make in the future.