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Very welcome. I really enjoyed the game and look forward to whatever else you put out.

This is such an interesting story. The visual style is great and has a great found footage feel. The story is creepy, and the voice acting from the tapes lovely. 

The only part that I dislike was the wobbly walk the protagonist has when moving, as it can be a bit nauseous. But over it's a great brief found footage jaunt, and worth going through. 

God I enjoyed it. I see so much promise in this, and have already now added the game to my wishlist. But seriously, the voice acting is great, and the atmosphere is so thick. I had a ton of fun with this.

It does feel a bit disjointed, but as this is a demo, that makes sense. There were a few bugs, but I believe this was an earlier build, so this may be why which included a random swirling camera issue. But overall it's very polished. The music is great and ambient, and the scares are nice. 

I look forward to the full game, and wonder how it gets connected. But until then I recommend people give it a whirl. It's definitely worth your time. 
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So there have been games winking and nodding at this lore, but to do one that actually goes straight to the source. Amazing. Really had a great time with this one.

It's a straight forward story, and not a lot of mechanics, but very very fun. I do wish there was a bit more to interact with since the option is there. Also being able to send the tape to someone else would be a nice split ending. I won't lie, not spoiling, but going up the stairs after the tv part actually really got me. Haven't screamed audibly like that in a while. 

But overall, it looks great, plays well, and runs smooth. Sadako looks great as well so there is also great character design. 

Definitely would recommend as this is an amazing love letter to the genre and the movie/book.

You are welcome πŸ€—. I look forward to what you put out next. 

Very interesting ideas you have here. I really enjoyed myself, and the early proof of concepts you have going in this. Also very fascinated by some of the narrative going on in this, and some of the ideas underneath. I look forward to other shorts or games you put out. Especially if they are as good as this.

What a great little gem of an alpha. I enjoyed the twists, and the story was interesting. The shower scene alone was worth the playthrough. I also enjoyed the mechanics with the father. I'm looking forward to final product, but this definitely has some great promise

What a great little experience. While it's not particularly long experience/game, it is a very intriguing story. It left me with a lot of questions, and quite a few I could leave with viewers. Worth the play through, and you should jump right in.

Okay this was a really fun game. The concept and execution of it is just wonderful and it really shows that CM9 Animation really paid attention when creating this lovely gem. Visually alone it is captivating and looks straight from Mario 64, which was really nostalgic, and made it more immersive when the horror hits. 

You can feel the tension as you hide in the chest, and hope to god she didn't see you go into it. Sound wise, while simple, does not detract from the game, and really can lull you into a sense of security before discovering her right behind it. 

Overall it's a fun game, and worth picking up. I look forward to how this is outside of the demo. But for now, it has a ton of potential.  

What a fun game. I had a ton of fun exploring the different endings here. The art style is not something I normally play, but yet it was quirky and drew me in. In a way it lulls you in, before it starts to get weirder. The calming music also starts to contribute to this. '

The best part is the multiple endings, that take a while to figure out what to do at times. There are 8 endings altogether and I only found 5. But there are probably more including the secret one, that I encourage others to find. 

Overall it's an interesting game, and definitely show potential for being their first game.

I don't know what my expectations were when I started this game, but god this one god me really good. 

The mechanics alone are wonderful, and it spooked me several times. The use of the mirrors, and perspectives were top notch. The sound design is phenomenal, fits the setting very well.

Each moment is crafted well, and I now want to try the other games they've put out. Especially if they are up to this quality. Also that tall man is creepy. I liked it so much, that it was the cover for the thumbnail above. So go check it out. It worth it so much to play. 

It's also the third game in the video above. Also go try out the extended version. It's even better. 
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Omg this had me on the seat of my pants from the onset. The VHS aesthetic alone was a draw in. But from the onset, you already booking it as you're being followed, and as someone who has been stalked in irl, it really hit a cord. 

I read the story afterward, and it hit home even further. The sound design is wonderful. The soundtrack itself is unique and yet draws you in as you run for you life. Even more that is has multiple endings, which one just surprised the heck out of me. This game has some major potential and is worth trying out. Just do it, you won't regret it!

If you want a preview, it's the first game in the set above. 

This was an interesting take on a horror game. And it did take me a minute to figure out. But definitely recommend this one. As a fan of space this hit that special moment in my heart, as I feel like there aren't a ton of them. It also really hits that Ridley Scott Alien aesthetic which an extra plus.

It's the second video in the series above and overall worth trying out! 

Such great atmosphere building in this. The story gives a nice mystery, and overall I really enjoyed this. It's incredibly pretty and the sound design is incredibly on point. The teleportation really starts to get to you, and some of the subtle parts like lockers moving, or the shadow in front of the door only add to the experience. 

My only issue really is that the subtitles are very small, so reading was a bit hard, as the voice acting while great, is hard to hash out amongst the static at time on the radios. 

It's the second game in the video above if you wanting to see a bit of the gameplay. 

Overall though it's worth the experience, and definitely worth a try.

Let me start off with, MY GOD THIS SCARED ME! I actually played this one live and it still scared me with a live audience. It builds such a great atmosphere. More than that it creates so many questions, and all I want now is the lore of why. 

The boy or is it a doll, I'm nit sure, but the mechanic of it stopping and going by light is a great mechanic and panic inducing. I also noticed the weeping angle aspects of the dolls and mannequins. The sfx are tight, and it's not difficult enough that you can't escape. My only question is... What happened to Mark? Definitely recommend. It's the first game in the video above. So download it and try it.

It's worth it.

Oh well thank you so much :). That means a lot. It was a fun game to play. I love that you have multiple endings. Took me a minute to figure them out. I definitely will keep an eye out. Because if you made something interesting like this, then I'm curious to see what else you make in the future. 

Visually this was an interesting game. Graphics wise is a great use of the Unity Engine. What is great is all the fun secrets you find when staring into your phone. Each bit has a little more information on where to go, or the fate of the family. The puzzles while straight forward, do take some thought before proceeding, and even then took me a minute to find the good ending. Overall will keep an eye on future installments. I definitely recommend this, and everyone should give it a try.

Now I was surprised, as I did not know that Corridor Digital was involved with a horror game. So this was a fairly interesting game.

Now in regards to the game, the Silent Hill Inspiration is very apparent, but story wise it is fairly straight forward. Though honestly I could not tell you fully what was going on, or be able to without giving too much away.

But I can say that it does spook, and is fairly anxiety filling. I can definitely recommend this, as it is a shorter game. It is a gorgeous game, but on lower pc systems I can see how this would come to a slog or chug.

It's visuals are striking, and the story hooks you from the beginning as you start to put the pieces of the puzzle of what did and what is happening. The sound design is great, and this even extends to the radio and voice acting.

The stand out feature though is, it's just damn creepy. Go ahead and check it out! I can recommend it. 

It's a great lesson on not trusting everything you see or are told. Just because it's cute, doesn't mean it won't lead to your destruction....or the worlds. 

It was a straight forward affair, where every gathering of items, lead to even worse results. The atmosphere was great, and the soundscape while simple, fit very well with the setting. Little details such as the sunflower painting were also a great touch. 

There were a few instances of glitching through textures, and at one point I thought I might have to start over due to losing a marker through a door. Overall though it's a great put together indie horror game, and I definitely recommend it. 

No problem! I can tell about the influences and I really look forward to what you fully pull out. I'll definitely be covering it for sure. 

i truly enjoyed this game, and overall was a satisfying experience as a demo. I look forward to trying the whole game now. 

Pamali is an indonesian horror game, and so going into this, it was a bit different from what I was expecting. First of all the voice acting is in Indonesian, which was refreshing, but took me off guard. Second the soundscape is lovely, yet very subtle, so when a door closes or humming starts to happen, you realize real quick something is wrong.

It doesn't rely on jump scares which is a plus in my book, but instead chooses to build atmosphere as you learn more about Jaka, and the old family household that he has to clean before the funeral. More than anything this game taught me quite a bit more on culture, and how nosey or mocking is definitely not a road to go. Also my sister may be a ghost, and getting out alive is a whole other ordeal.

Overall give the demo a try, and this will be a gateway to the full game. Which so far, has been more than satisfying. Just try it! 

It's a straight forward affair, and reminds me very much of a creepypasta story to it's core. It definitely feels right out of short story anthology and is incredibly unsettling. So it fits very well with being an homage to Junji Ito's Mimi's Ghost Stories.

While it's not mechanically driven, the story it tells, is crisp, creepy and disturbing. You can very much see the Junji Ito's in the art, and it's very pleasing to see used in this setting. 

Can recommend if you are looking for a really story driven ghost story. I enjoyed it. 

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Oh Awesome! I'll download it tonight then. I planned on covering it. So awesome, I'm glad to help and look forward to playing this! 

I really wanted to play this. I'm so curious on the premise, but there is a game breaking bug where if you click on the computer, the game shutters and then won't let you do anything else. Also hitting escape like you would for menu options freezes movement, and you can move after that. 

I will definitely play this, once this is patched. Again looks like it has promise, but unfortunately until these things are fixed, I just will never know. 

My god, I did not notice what subversion you did with the keys. I was not expecting that at all, and the story behind this is so intriguing. 

You have created such a great atmosphere. And honestly looking for your keys is already scary at night, but now thinking. I almost lost it during the car alarm moment.

My only critique is that it's incredibly short. But other than that, I very much recommend this. It's the first game in the video above. I'll be keeping an eye on anything else you put out. 

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I really loved the monster design on this game. It's also go a nice intriguing story as well. The soundscape especially as the one I've dubbed spotlight head is near is nice, but very, very destressing. 

The fact that this was made with 2 people is highly impressive. It really reminded me of late 90's early 2000's survival horror games. I really look forward to what the full game looks like. 

Overall it looks to have major promise, and I fully recommended it. I look forward to covering this game once it's fully done, and have already wish listed it. Great Job

It's the second game in the video above. 

I fully plan on playing the full game now after this demo. This demo shows so much promise from the visuals, story, and overall mechanics. It definitely intrigues you from the onset with it's plot and keeps you hooked as the horror of what has become of this household begins.

It also has some great soundscape, and as for the demon, well it's designed very well. 

The protagonist is a nice refresher as he is an older priest. I also enjoyed the rosary/faith system with the the cross as it was a nice change up on weapons in the horror genre. 

It also got me a few times, and god the cursed/possessed items were definitely a nice addition

Definitely try it out. It's worth it. Overall it was a nice twist in the genre, and I look forward to the full game. 

What comes across as a normal space shooter or rail shooter becomes so much more once the interesting has stopped and you're ready to quit.
But let's start with the core game play first before the inception begins.

The core gameplay is solid, and looks amazing. The 3D models fit well and it's a herald back to fun old retro space shooters before they became utter bullet hells such as Space Invaders, Galaga, and Raiden.

The A.I is smart and knows how to dodge, and you can very quickly find yourself surrounded. The music as well is pretty solid as well, and I couldn't stop myself from bopping to it. I'm sure you will find yourself doing the same. 

Then when you're ready to quit and had your fill, then it gets weird. Very weird...

I won't spoil anything, but it's a nice turn on the head, and the visuals are incredibly well crafted to make you feel uncomfortable. Overall is a great concept, and I look forward to whatever games they come out with next.

So check it out and play it for yourself. It's worth a try.

You are very welcome 😁. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I look forward to the next game. I really like the eye for aesthetic you have. 

It is a beautifully done game and the art style is incredibly unique. It does have such a quiet environment that each sound stands out, and god can it build atmosphere. So much that it can get a little spooky.

What's more is the very intended comic book aesthetic. From closing doors to the how the objects. Everything is very specific and it shows. Which made wandering the house so much more fun. 

It's a short affair, but very well worth it. Especially for a game made in 3 weeks. I'm only sad that I don't get to see what I do with that knife.

You are very welcome ☺️. I very much enjoyed it. I'm currently looking at your games. Keep it up!

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Now it's a pretty short affair, but it definitely has that Bloober Team running through a haunted house feel.

The music is lovely. Each sound is cultivated, and builds more and more atmosphere. 

It does tend to lean on jump scares a bit too much. What it does well though is create great atmosphere that you can absolutely feel as soon as you step through the door. 

The Aesthetic does remind me a bit of the RE engine, but could just be the dirt and grime used. 

Alessandro Capriolo does a great job with this short game. Though it is stated as a prototype, there is no mistaking that is feels pretty polished.

Definitely check it out. It's short, but that means that you have even less of excuse to not try it out. Going to be checking out your other games now. 

I was very impressed with this. While it is a demo, and there to show off the gameplay, puzzles, and overall aesthetic, it is incredibly polished. I haven't had to pull out a pen and paper in so long for a puzzle, as this harkens back to older survival horror games, but it was actually refreshing. 

The Positives - 

The graphics themselves, are full of grim, and decay, giving an homage to the silent hill of old. Add though is what appears to be a film grade imposed on it. It helps add to the overall feel for the game, and it especially shows more during combat or intense horror moments. 

The Sound is lovely, and the extra bits and bobs of sound added to the background add to the tension of running around this horror filled playground. It's not overly filled and more uses the atmosphere to really tell the story. Monster designs are nice, though, from the darkness, not all of it can be seen, so I'll hold judgement until further gameplay is shown. 

Most of all it doesn't use jump scares, but instead slowly builds it's atmosphere, and even using subtle background points to really oppress upon you the heaviness of the environment. 

Now for the Cons - 

Combat is still pretty wonky, and the lack of stamina does leave you figuring out way to late how much it leaves you winded and bloodied. Unfortunately there is only one combat moment, so there wasn't too much to study, so again I will with hold judgement until I see further gameplay. What this does say though is, if you are looking for a more action forward series like Resident Evil, this may not be your cup of tea. 

Second some of the movement is wonky. Such as the head on the main protagonist tends to stay in place and not bob with the rest of the body. So it gives almost a dancing perception. So I took advantaged and danced in the Silent Hill Inspired area near the train. It was fun, though I'm sure the character model will improve in time. 

Lastly the puzzles as much as I loved them, do take a while to figure out, so this could leave you trying to figure out the puzzles for quite a while, which in turn can take you out of the experience. 

Overall - 

Overall I give it a 4/5 and can say without a doubt that it is a very promising start, and have massive potential. I look forward to the release of further gameplay or even the full release. I will definitely be covering this further

The gameplay is straight forward, but for a horror game this isn't bad, as it is not bogged down in mechanics, but rather built in atmosphere. But if you are looking for a combat or mechanic filled experience, this isn't it. What you do get is a complete story about guilt, and it does a great dive into the effects and how one can live in survivor guilt. 

Overall it is worth a try, and you should definitely try it out yourself, as well as show the developer some love. It's a nice experience, and worth diving into.

Such a great game. Loved the sound design, and gameplay. My only regret is that there is only one level, and there isn't more. All I can say is, I want more. 

What the heck was my brother getting into? Loved the game, and love your stuff. This is the second one I've done, and I can tell you can really make atmosphere. Great ideas too. Going to see what else you got, but definitely have a promising career in horror. 

Everyone Give it a try. For a "failed Demo" They did a fantastic job with this! It certainly doesn't feel like it.  

ooooooh very interesting l. Also RIP Wooley

I think it's an added wooly scene, because on my let's play, there was a bonus scene of wooly trying to warn us.

I don't think you can on mobile. MOre than likely because it's a zip file. Unless the dev ports it to mobile, I don't think you'll be able to. I try it out to see if it's possible though.

Whoa. I may look into this