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This game is hilarious. The art is unique, beautiful, and fits perfectly with the game. The way that it played with you expectations was perfect (and taken from Can Your Pet XD), but perfect!! The characters are weird and the voice acting is while crude at times overall great and adds immensely to the hilarity of the whole experience. My one complaint is the "cut scenes" are a bit long, but I understand their need to be in the game. Thanks for subjecting me to this madness.

Awesome use of connect! I know these reading heavy mystery games aren't for everyone, but it really struck a cord with me! From the extensive work done on the clues from every character to the great final message and finale the writing in this game is some of the best I've seen. A game like this with some Papers Please mechanics could be a real banger!

This is an incredibly solid game for a jam and delivers on the puzzle and horror it promises well (something I admit wasn't expecting). The theme was used to great effect and in a way where it feels natural to the experience and really unobtrusive. Even though I would like an option to turn motion blur off and the walls are a bit buggy, I fully expect this to be on the Extra Credits video! :D

This game is amazing! In fact with more content (and bosses that forced you to use your tank management system would be cool) I would totally drop 40 bucks on a full release!! The way health managed is a really great touch. Its refreshing to see health managed in more novel ways than just a simple health bar.

Thanks a ton for your feedback I really appreciate it! To get rid of the boxes, you have to be in the area you popped them up in and click "e" to close their dialogue once they reach their last line. Sorry for the lack of usability. Over the next few weeks our team will patch bugs such as these that inhibit play.