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Thank you for the feedback.  This was my first game, and it was really stressful, I'm just glad I was able to finish it. I'm pretty happy with the end result, and you are right the last part needs where the game ends needs to be reset more properly. 


I got 11 subscribers. 

Awesome fun game, I defeated the Zombie Scourge!!

Pretty fun, and pretty hard. 

Wow... what a fun and scary game. You really made it atmospheric with the sounds and stuff. 

I really like the asethic of the game but the game is hard.. ha ha.. probably cuz i'm a noob. 

I think the beginning of the game needs to start faster. 

I really like this game. Puzzles are hard too and challenging. 

Pretty good, I started to get wrist cramp... lol.. 

Too bad it's a bit short... 

Ha ha.. Yea I made it a bit difficult so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment ...:-)

pretty fun.. I felt limited by the no jump though... overall, really good graphics for a icna' tdraw theme though. 

Whoo hooo... I learned alot, and game development is hard... First game ever .. that I have made.. very simple game. All hand drawn graphics.

almost done!! I'll make sure to upload it tonight.. My first game ever... It was really hard and discouraging because I didn't realize it took so much time to learn how to program and get things to work... 

Ha ha... sure ideas are dime a dozen...  :-)

NVM... I was able to find the answer... 4 more days left... 

Hi guys,

I'm new to UNITY and game development in general, and I'm racking my brain for the last 4 hours on how to create a simple thing in Unity. 

Basically, I want to do is this: 

When mouse is clicked on the screen , have a bullet created at the center of player position, and have it shoot out in  a straight line to the mouse position, and continue off screen, where it gets deleted. 

I'm trying to do this in UNITY, and it's driving me nuts, with all these terms like Rays, and other stuff. Google search is not helping me. Why is this so hard !!

Sorry if this is not allowed on this forum... just venting a little bit... 

My game is a top down wave shooter, in the world of GEO. Main protagonist is Circle , who was born without edges, and he is the unlikely hero to save the world filled with the EDGES, other shapes basically.  I figured since I can't draw, I should be able to make shapes right ? We will see how it turns out.. lol 

First! I'm the dev for this game, and first step for me is to draw and create all the sprites for the player, and enemies. Due date for my self will be end of day Friday.