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Land of Ooo

A member registered May 11, 2020

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It´s fun, although I have trouble with correctly giving out things the characters need.

It´s a nice little game, I liked it.

Hello. I loaded a .bitsy file.

I´ve tried the old version and it doesn´t save the endfile.

I feel like pixsy isn´t great for moving complicated pixel art backgrounds to Bitsy Color anyway, do you know any other way to do that? Drawing them tile by tile right in Bitsy is unnecessarily difficult. 

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Spoilers ahead.

I can´t get the devil ending. I can´t type the code fast enough until the screen shaking ends and after that it doesn´t change anything, the man just says random phrases. What am I supposed to do?

Beautiful art! How many colors did you use?

pixsy community · Created a new topic Doesn't work :(

I can't add a room to my game. I load the game data and the "next" button just can't be pressed.  

Entertaining and cute! Also not confusing, which is great and rare.

I couldn´t find the alien friend, so can´t do much in the game. Help!

The style is minimalistic, yet beautiful, I like it.

It turns out that I have to press J button for dialogues. Very nice game!

Interesting experience.

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In the online-version the first scene loads and freezes. None of the controls work.

For some reason I can´t choose the "new game" option and as a result, the game doesn´t load

Doesn´t load

Soo cute!

It´s really funny and unexpectedly dramatic