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The game isn't bad in itself, but it's still worth changing something. It's worth improving the graphics and music in the game (especially music). The graphics of the environment definitely needs improvement.

Hi. I converted your wolf image to a standard 2bpp image.

What a wonderful game I have acquired! I wish I had thought to wait until December - I would have bought it at half price. =)

It looks like you haven't really even tested your own game, has it? Tell me, why does my ship fly through all the ships, but crash into them if I fly around them on the right? The same goes for hits. There is a straight shoot-bullets pass through, but to the right of the ships, bullets hit the ship.

I've never seen a homebrew game having such broken hitboxes.

I also can hold the shot button (not the turbo button) and hold the Tab - I can endlessly squander the game, farming the numbers at the top of the screen. Ships are extremely rare and don't fire, so it is easy to do. This game is about nothing. What did I pay my money for? Answer me.