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It is a 2.52x1.73x0.79 inch plastic jewlery container. Got them in bulk from the ol amazon.

Just refreshed again! Enjoy.

This was great to watch, dude! You took to the spirit of the game absolutely incredibly (and saw past some of the errata and vague bits since it is an absolutely tiny ruleset!).

Wow, this is very kind and very awesome to hear! I love hearing stuff like this, so thank you for writin it out : ) Expansions are coming! I have a couple of maps ready including a new pamphlet for sailing the waterways all finished!

Wow, incredibly nice to hear all that. Thank you so much!

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No prob! I usually keep a few dozen community copies up. Must have just run out! Ill update tonight. Also, i just finished up a mini expansion so will hopefully be posting that in the coming weeks as well! Thanks for the interest btw!

Finally got around to running some Mothership yesterday and this was by far my favorite aid that I had at the table! Fantastic little cheat sheet right here.

Played this with my 5 year old last night for a little over an hour and man did we have fun! I've been slowly getting him interested in games like this and feel Spirals was the absolute best first step for him. I played for a further hour after his bedtime and had just as much fun without him. Watch out for that dreaming dragon though : )

Wow. This is a very fun and very smart game! Enjoying it quite a bit

So awesome! Yeah, that would save me some upcomign work if you wanna send it over : ) landenchasepelish at gmail

Ahhhhh, now it's clicking! Thanks so much, dude.

“If an attack roll is successful, deal damage equal to the first digit of the tens die. EX 25 = 2 damage.”

Probably just being dense : ) but how do you determine is the roll is successful? Thanks!

Absolutely absurd deal for $3 with not only what all you get but what all you will get in the future. Fantastic stuff here.

Really fun tables in here! Good job. 

Really, really love the point buy system for creating your units!

Wow, really impressed with just how much information you were able to convey with just the one page, and how clearly it reads. It seems like a very fun game. I love the win conditions and the overall cut at 8 rounds length. Really great work. 

The only thing I can point out is there are a few instances of repeated words, or grammatically weird sentences in namely the first column of page one.

Thanks! Really appreciate the kind words.  Am very excited to get back to work on it now. Hopefully I get some time to look at your guys games later tonight!  

Thanks so much for the comments, as you're right it's very incomplete. Your notes will definitely help me out a lot in trying to finish it though!