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Oh also forgot to add that I am super impressed that they managed to walk the line between under and over sexualising a teen romance. Most teen romance either has them screwing like bunnies at the drop of a hat or seemingly being completely chaste until they are legally adults. Both scenarios are completely unrealistic. The awkward fumbling and growing confidence we see between Cove and the main character are perhaps the most honest depiction of a teen romance I have ever seen.

Dear god... this one hit me hard. So glad I stumbled across this VN, it is incredibly well written and the characters are so well realised. I don't understand how games like Dream Daddy get mainstream recognition but an absolute gem like this is relatively unknown. 

Despite my own childhood being, relatively, idyllic, some of the scenes had me absolutely bawling. The one that still makes me tear up even after going through it several times is the adoption discussion and the subsequent talk with Cove. I think that was what cemented the relationship in my mind as a true relationship, with Cove supporting the MC just as much as I supported him.

While I am sad that the story of Cove is basically over (I will get the wedding DLC as soon as it arrives, don't you worry about that) I am looking forward to what this team does next. I am not as personally invested in a female or NB love interest, but given the quality of writing and characterisation in this game I trust it to be an amazing story anyway.

I am interested to hear more about why you think that. Keisuke is one of my favourites and most of his flaws I see as a reflection of his upbringing and I find it hard to hold that against him when he seems to be actively trying to change that.

I agree that there are certain situations where I'd like to see the game respond to your choices, rather than give another option. The lab saving especially as it seems like that is the point that sets the romance route for the rest of the game, so it would make sense for the person you have been flirting and interacting with the most show up, rather than choose who shows up.

I disagree about the MCs personality, or at least I thought the level of the MCs personality really depends on how you play the game. The MC can be vengeful (refusing to forgive Damon for suggesting turning them over), aggressively flirtatious (the Ayame romance choices are good examples of this), or peaceful and devoted to non violence.

This is a very exciting project. One of the few visual novels where I am just as interested in the overarching story as I am in the individual romances. While I wish I had found it after it had already been completed because I am a pathetic goblin with no ability to delay gratification, I am happy that I found it to be able to throw some money your way to support the project.

Looking forward to future updates. Also, any chance of an Android version in the future?

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The problem with Spencer existing...

Kol/Nasir/Yoshi throuple is the canon route for this game and you can't change my mind.

I know it's a trope of the medium but I cannot play the Coach Gil stuff. It's not even the teacher/student dynamic for me, it's just way, way to rapey for my liking. I wish VNs would get on board with the concept of consent.

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Okay, having now played the new scene, I can see how you could possibly interpret it poorly, but I think you have to be looking at it through a very critical lens to begin with. The scene fades to black very quickly and there is no real description of how far it goes. Darius turning his back and pretending to be about to walk away is very in keeping with his character and there is no indication that he is actually planning on leaving the MC like that. Is it best practice for safe bondage play? No, not really. But does it further reinforce Darius' character and fit well with what we already know of him? It definitely does.

In the first couple of days you just need to help him out around the shelter. You can also spread your attention among the other characters so you aren't spending too much time with one other person.

Overall... decent. You've at least gotten some money from me because I want to see this project succeed. It has its issues. Some of the dialogue from the MC is weirdly formal and stilted for someone who is basically just out of university and it sometimes sounds like the writer is using words just to sound intelligent. Having said that I enjoyed both of the routes that are currently available, though the Tai route dragged a little during the info dump section with Spencer. I look forward to seeing more content.

DyneWulf, I have to give you credit. This is one of the only visual novels I have played where each route is better than the last. I always find at least one of the routes I play solely for completionist sake, but each character in Extracurricular has proven to be both unique in their outlook and personality, and generally pretty damn hot as well. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, they are all great in their own way. I look forward to future updates to see where Richard goes. I'm not a Patron user but I'll definitely support here on Itch.

I haven't played the new scene yet, but I would just point out that bondage play doesn't always need a safe word. Safe words are really only neccesary if you are exploring non-con roleplay. For regular bondage play the safe word should always just be stop, or no, or let me out.

I've only just discovered this VN and I have thoughts and feelings I need to express.

 I've just finished the last of all the current routes and suffice to say I am a wreck. I left Jun to last and that was a mistake. I've spent the last two hours sobbing on and off and I now feel empty inside. 

For anyone reading this that is on the fence about this one DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! It has its issues, there are some pacing problems and the descriptions of the tennis matches go on a little long in parts, but once it gets too the meat of the story it is possibly one of the best VN I've played. I'm not a Patron user but I'll at the very least be leaving a big tip here on Itch.

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So, this might be me just being stupid, I've not really used before. Is there a way to contribute yet? I've just finished my first run through of the game and the writing and narrative is already well in advance of what I would normally expect to pay for in a visual novel. I'm super happy that the devs are providing it free for anyone who wants to experience it, but I'd also love to be able to throw some money their way if possible. If I'm just being dumb and missing a really obvious link please let me know!