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Sounds great! Thank you for the response!

Also, there seems to be a bug with loading save files of different sizes than the base. Sometimes, if I save a scenario of 4000 stars when I load it the actual empires will be glitches into a small section of the screen while the actual map size is exaggerated behind it. This happens on both Mac and iPhone and would really appreciate it being fixed :)

Hello! I have a little suggestion pertaining to the loading process of save games. So, I like to make my own scenarios using the create empire tool and usually end up with really complex worlds which I save to my computer. However, whenever I load these saves it is usually in full speed so the borders can sometimes change before I have a chance to pause it. Could you make it so that whenever you load a save game the speed is defaulted to paused? That is just a minor gripe I've had with an otherwise amazing game. If you can get back to me soon I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Will this game run on my potato peeler?