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It seemed I had an older version of Java, and I updated it, but that didn't seem to really fix the problem. I'm not pretending that I'm good at using java, but if you want to send it and give me some tips along the way I'm willing to try.

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Yeah, nothing came up in Powershell. 

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I don't have Discord right now, but I could get it if I don't get anywhere with Powershell. I should've tried that earlier.

Hey! So I've taken it upon myself to create a map for Galimulator, and am following the instructions on how to do so at

Problem is, when I try to run the MapBitter.exe file on a .bmp file nothing happens, not even an error pop-up. I'm running on Windows 7, and I'd really like to get along with making my map. Thanks :)

Sounds great! Thank you for the response!

Also, there seems to be a bug with loading save files of different sizes than the base. Sometimes, if I save a scenario of 4000 stars when I load it the actual empires will be glitches into a small section of the screen while the actual map size is exaggerated behind it. This happens on both Mac and iPhone and would really appreciate it being fixed :)

Hello! I have a little suggestion pertaining to the loading process of save games. So, I like to make my own scenarios using the create empire tool and usually end up with really complex worlds which I save to my computer. However, whenever I load these saves it is usually in full speed so the borders can sometimes change before I have a chance to pause it. Could you make it so that whenever you load a save game the speed is defaulted to paused? That is just a minor gripe I've had with an otherwise amazing game. If you can get back to me soon I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Will this game run on my potato peeler?