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i cannot save while playing your game, i keep getting an error sound


umm im having the same problem, and its kinda like as soon as you start up the game, it wont start, no error message or anything. youre just sitting there while nothing happens

is the wearing box in the character sheet only meant to describe what the character is wearing or does it have another use

hey i was wondering? is this like a gmless game? cause im not sure

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um im kinda new but how do i save? I went to the save menu but every time i try to save it wont let me

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No problem, its a really cool idea just dont understand it all too well

i like it tho

this is interesting but MAN is it ever fuckin confusin

I'm sorry if this is a weird question, it's just hard to understand. I dunno if i should assume that it's an item or what?

Thank you swords and flowers I was just thinking the samt damn thin

What I mean is when you make the new version will those who bought this version need to Rebuy the game or?

pay what you want doesnt mean you have to pay,it means that you can if you want to

umm i dunno what to do about the controls since the only conroler i have is ps 3 controller only the left analog seems to work halp pls