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Yep, this doesn't work, unfortunately, but I think it would open up if you were to use the launcher.

Also, the Mac app has no icon—just a generic application icon. Not sure if that's intended, though it's not a huge issue, of course. :)

I think it might work if you try to open it up using the seems to have trouble making Mac apps executable, so the "The application can't be opened" issue happens frequently with them...I think it might be because would prefer that developers launch their applications through the app instead of by itself??

But there is also another way to get the app to work using Terminal:

First, I removed all attributes from the mac 02 bundle by typing this command in Terminal:

xattr -cr

Then I hit the space bar once and dragged the entire mac 02 onto the Terminal window and hit return.

Next, I typed in Terminal:

chmod 777

Hit the space bar, and then I took the app's binary, which is in mac 02, and dragged it onto the Terminal window and hit return. 

Then the app should launch. Hope that's helpful.

Works perfectly now. Thank you. :)

Hello. Mac demo won't launch...indicates the file is damaged. I'm on macOS 10.15.7 Catalina.

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Thank you…and also SpaceHonk and The Finch Company…so, so much. I removed all attributes from the .app bundle and then used chmod 777 on the actual binary, so am hoping I did everything correctly, but that worked and the app opens fine now. 👍

Hello. Wondering if there has been any progress on this? 

Very nice game. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.