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This game was awesome. Also I found your cheeky little surprise I'm the settings. 

Ok wow, like wow. Y'all are about to make me fall in love . Like seriously really nice work.  The plot twist broke my heart literally. But in summary , something must kill a man. Cant wait for the full one also good luck with the making!!

Really liked this and its psychological aspects. I'm guessing it was inspired by P.T right? Plus the characters slow fall into insanity was a nice plot point!

Though a slight thing i noticed is that i would be missing interesting events cause i would  be facing the wrong direction. I dont know if that was intentional but it could be helped if the character would snap to look at the event or something. Other than that it was pretty cool Nicce work! 

 Looking forward to more of your work!

Yo you should add a flamethrower in this game because bruhhhh!!!! 

God knows we would all like to just kill them with fire!! Nice work keeping the faith of no sake hotel! Though the sounds almost made me deaf! 

I never really liked mannequins in the first place but yoooooo this one noooo!! Eh i can't even. And the speed with that movement . Plus the sound *Chefs kiss. Nice work with this one! 

Loved your game and the setting with the body cam. Reminded me of re7 with my being black and the character a cop investigating a house in the woods. Nice work.

I loved that tension as I was walking in the forest. I did not feel safe and heard soo many different sounds probably due to my imagination. Nice work.

Quite an interesting game to say the least. 

It was really fun also I read the whole news thing. Don't know why.

Fear and atmosphere. You nailed it. Like damn, you got me running around and screaming in that building. At one point I tried going back down to just get out . Fantastic work!

Got to say, im already scared of spiders, but with what you did with that house, lets just say i have a new fear. Nice work with the game, i love what you did with the graphics and general gameplay. 

It was really great to revisit the game especially with the new update. Love the update , makes the game much more interesting!

I feel betrayed. The intro was so fun I thought it was going to be a chill horror game. Didn't expect how it went, and I have to say loved this. The sound design, glorious. The jump scares, magnificent. Hats off to you! 

Im really loving your games, first I played slay bells now this! I love the way I don't feel completely defenseless by having a gun! At the same time im still scared. Also love the dog, Brought back some good memories !

I was never scared of clowns never had been. However this game has given me a push to that. Great job although I would prefer a little bit more light from the flashlight.

This was a very interesting concept. I like it. Although now I'll never trust box in my life again.

Its been a while since I last played any games and im glad I played this. I love the atmosphere making me feel unsafe even when the lights were on. Great job. It also tapped into my inner fear of dolls 

I remember playing the first game last year and when i saw you had released another, i couldnt wait to experience it.

You did not disappoint and i was thoroughly engaged. Your games are among the few to get my heart pumping. 

I applaud you for the great work done.

Nice work on this! love the idea that it gets harder over time difficulty was indeed challenging which is very important. Though i would suggest a little better lighting especially in the darker areas like the corridors.

Love the art style of the game honestly never seen anything like it good job!

Loved the shift from happy and cheery to creepy and horror

. Great job.

Love it! From the gameplay to the soundtrack ! Nice job and can't wait for the full release!

Just the game I was looking for to play on Christmas! Great game and great job! 

Ohhh it was really fun with the constant feeling of being ominous . I loved it great job! 

I really liked this level. It was challenging enough .

And love how your constantly updating. Great job. 

I loved the general atmosphere of the game. Thunder did scare me a few times even hahaha.

Have to say, great concept. IM looking forward to it in the future!

Great game you made here! Made me feel like a little kid again afraid of thunder All  in all nice job!

Nice game developer! Though it was short it captured my attention adequately and made me feel very uneasy about it coupled with the gruesome scenes made for a nice experience. Good job.

I truly respect you for the great work with this game moreover in such a short time! Also loved the theme. Nice!

Great game you made here. very scary and creepy and made me feel weary of my surroundings both in the game and in real life. Though the first parts of the game before the flashlight was provided were too dark for me, i got lost upstairs for a few moments.

From the beginning to the end it got me in its clutches. Scaring me more and more. Keeping me on edge and extremely alert of my surroundings. Good job! Starts at exactly 5:31

I havent played a game as scary as this in a loonnngg time. I love it. I believe one of the scares actually threw me off my seat! Though you could work on the grammar.

The crazy thing is you managed to make an amazing game in such a short time. i mean i have seen a lot of crazy, scary games but this has to be one of the best that i have ever played. Turning something so pure into something so sinister. Amazing simply amazing.