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Thank you for playing ! Thanks too for the advise, we werent sure about this white sheet on the game

Thanks ! We will work on that too

Thank you  you playing and enjoying the game ! We really wanna continue to work on this game with my little brother and rework the bullet pattern system to make it more exciting and challenging .

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Thanks for playing ! Yes youre right some screenshake or flashing effect would add more feeling. And for the bullets it didnt have much time to work on it but we continue this project it will be one of the first thing i'll remake from scratch.

Cool game! My highest is 64 but after that an impossible wave of bats just erased me from reality 

Simple concept yet really cool to play !

Nice game ! But it might need a bit of balancing on 5 games oranges has won 3 times, otherwise really cool concept and execution.

Really relaxing, but i feel like it would be better if it was a linear level. Anyway cool submission

Realistic simulation of instagram 10/10

Thats a cool funny clicker game ! 

Really cool game ! But you could make it a little more clear when you take damage (little sfx or flash).

Anyway love the artstyle.

I dont know if it comes from me but the weapon was bugged, it was invisible and the bullets didnt have physics

Nice little game, i like the art style !

Love the concept and how its executed.

The art  style is simple yet really cool and i like jazzy ambiance.

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Hey thank you for the comment !

I wasn't sure of the player speed now we know its too slow. About the patterns some needs balancement, but idk if you played with a controller but its way more precise than the arrowkeys.

Love the ambiance/music. Really cool looking grqphics, good controls feeling.

The screen can get a bit too  shaky when in action.

Really cool project ! Keep it up !

Love that !

Great game, with a really good control feeling !

Good ambiance, nice game ! I just personnaly find the a.i a bit too hard

Cool game with nice art style !