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Lambda Wars

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Sorry guys, we won't be able to submit our finished map in time as we suddenly got some other objectives at hand.

We will keep working on it though, as we were really hyped about this Jam!

More or less (more likely less). Haven't had much time due to beginning of studies. Kind of hard to adapt the time.

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Right now we're creating the environment based upon the half life 3 concept art that's been around.

We will be experimenting a lot with different mechanics in the coming days. At the moment the map is basically to just to get a feel for the end result.

This is the first iteration of the Lambda Wars epistle single player map. 

Work in progress epistle map - image 1 - heli crash

Work in progress epistle map - image 2 - Combine fortress on ice

Work in progress epistle map - image 3 - inside the Combine fortress

For those of you who are curious to know what the game looks like

Right now we are working on a mission for Epistile 3 Jam :)