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Interesting game, I just think there are a few problems with the dialogue system. I kept finding myself having to wait through dialogue that I had already read before because I clicked an option that I didn't realize was going to return me to a previous path. Might be a good idea to let players skip certain dialogue lines, or if going through a dialogue option for a second time, shorten it the second time around.

Also, I know you state that it is not a comedy game, but with such serious subject matter, it still comes off as comedy. The writing is a bit awkward and seems like you tried to make Hitler seem stupid or childish in a way. I think you would have done better to fully commit to a more comedic tone, because the situation is a bit absurd anyway, and the fact it's trying to take itself too seriously makes it awkward and ironic in a way.

Anyway, liked the psychology insights and learned a few thing about Hitler's life that I didn't know. The visuals were cool but I think they hindered the performance of the game when playing in the browser, and could have been simplified a bit since the gameplay only took place in the text box. Interesting project overall.

hahaha this is cool. although I keep calling it Jamal in my head because of the title screen

Pretty cool! If you're looking to expand this maybe try adding dynamic buildings and farms like how the paths are, so you can create larger more complex structures. Great start though

This is fantastic man. First of all, the animations and sound design are top notch here. This game is so simple yet each fire of your gun has this satisfaction to it. What's also really great here is the hitboxes - nailing a headshot feels rewarding, which also relates back to the feedback you get from the animations and sound designs.

When people are studying game design I suggest they look at things like this rather than taking on huge projects and systems. The most important thing to a video game is the feeling of the feedback that your actions have in the game. (this is often called "juice" in game design circles)

sorry buddy

actually a lot more fun than i expected. once you get the hang of it you can kind of get a flow going

you have this style and humor that I absolutely love!!!! this game had me laughing the entire time, very entertaining experience. you're 2 for 2 with me!! :)

this is fuckin bizarre

love it

creates such a cool atmosphere. love the art style, the music you chose, and the writing... 

I liked how there was a sort of key for each character that you could follow to stay unbroken (ruby saying that she can change, she regrets her past, etc.)

that was actually pretty fun lol! kind of like a quick horror survival puzzle game!

and i liked that subtle twist at the end.