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Are reviews on the demo still welcome? I'm gonna leave a little review of the game here, if that's alright. I'll keep as vague as possible so as not to spoil anything for those who haven't tried it yet.

It's a neat storyline; the fact that you play as a minion is very cool, and my friend and I love it. The beginning scenes were both macabre and humorous. We love the graphics! The artwork is neat, the backgrounds and sprites are colorful, and Mr. Stitches is chilling in appearance. The minions (my personal favorite) are adorable. We like that everyone has their own names, no matter how unimportant they are.

We've only played up to the first boss so far (not sure how long the demo is), but the combat was tedious to us; so many things to click that form more options, when the battle could have been quicker. Gameplay ran a bit slow when many characters appeared onscreen (but maybe that was our computer's fault).

Characters have the potential to be interesting, and I would definitely like to see this game more fleshed out. I find it difficult, personally, to wonder what the minion's motivation is to follow the directions of Elizabeth IV in the first place - the only reason I can figure is so that HE/SHE can become ruler, but that isn't really hinted at. A bit more character/story set up in the beginning would be great to see in a finished version!

That's all we can think of - it's a neat demo. So glad it got greenlit on STEAM, and we hope development goes well.