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Hello! I agree multiplayer would be a great addition, but unfortunately that is not currently part of the plan :(. 

Thank you for playing!  Indeed, besides floating off into space, the horror element is lacking.  Will be updating soon.

Thank you for playing! stay tuned for the next act!

Thank you for playing!  stay tuned!

Great writing!  Without spoiling it, I really enjoyed your writing for the entity.  The story pulled me in, and I got more curious as I got closer to the object.  I especially love the line "The only monster here is physics".

Thank you for the compliment!  Ours  is underwhelming for now, as we didn't finish the complete game sequence.  Your game on the other hand has a full game loop and felt complete, and it was very entertaining to play.  Good luck as well!

Good job on making each level unique, and using different enemies too.  Like the other comment said, some darkness would contribute well to the experience.  Enemy interactions would also be cool, such as being chased.

Good job with the scares, I love the dark environment, but appreciate the flashlight :)

Wow great job!  The intro sequence is great, the environment is great as well.  Your implementation of sound was perfect.  In my opinion, this submission had the best scare factor purely in terms of psychological tension.

I love the pixel art, overall GBC style and the music.  I tried so many times to jump over the alien, but I wasn't able to.  

Appreciate the instuction guide, I think it  would have been difficult to figure out what to do otherwise.   The low visibility added to the tension, but I did get lost in it, and walking was a little slow. 

I like the idea of an impending ominous black hole, unfortunately I got lost for a little while and couldn't find all the generators.   The music was great though, and walking in a room with the black hole in view for the first time really sets the the scene well, good job!

Thank you for playing! Indeed I wish it was longer as well.  

Thank you for playing! Yeah we are working on fixing the bugs for the second act, so after the voting period we will include that.  Yeah you should totally check it out, I made them with  And funny you mention that, initially I did have them in astronaut suits, because the seed is random for the AI generation, the suits always looked different, so i opted for generic portraits instead.  

Great voice acting, I also enjoyed the alien sounds.  Turning the lights off was neat, or rather, turning on the "negative lights" was neat, and contributed to the scare factor.

Good job on the intro cut scene.  I like the multiple scenes, going from piloting the ship to inside the ship.  The atmosphere was spooky, sorry to hear you couldn't finish in time, same thing with my submission.  But glad you submitted regardless, from what I saw with the animations and atmosphere I'm sure you can make something cool out of this :)

I like that you can hide in lockers, and i especially like the birds eye view.  It gives me resident evil vibes.  I reached the electrical room, but couldn't open the door by pressing E.  was there something I had to do beforehand?

Hi Im sorry, I posted in the discord but I forgot to put that in the description here.  You reached the end of the game, we couldn't complete the second the act.  Apologies for the confusion.  Thank you for pointing that out, I have updated the description to let players know.

I really enjoyed this game and I finally beat it! I love the art and music. I have a suggestion if you don't mind: I think the damage the enemies inflict should be reduced at the beginning of the game maybe (floors 1 & 2 maybe?). Some enemies were dealing 4 damage back to back  on the 1st floor which didn't really give me a chance. But besides that, I really enjoyed this game, great job!

Congratulations on first place!

Thank you!  Congratulations on first

Oh I see now!  That was silly of me I didn't realize I could double jump.  Thank you!

Ah I see thank you for the clarification!  I kept getting caught by the eyes in the dark, I tried jumping over it but it didn't seem like I could jump high enough.

Thank you for playing!  I don't know we will see.

I like the use of the multiple NPC's and the text to voice, definitely adds to the presentation!  

I love the dancing character, she knows how to have fun out in the woods!  

Thank you for playing!  You reached the end of the game at that point actually!  I couldn't provide a more proper game loop in time, as I submitted roughly 3 minutes before the deadline.  The flashing points were indicators for sticks on the ground that you can pick up, similar to the item shine in Resident Evil.

I like the pixel art faces!  I couldn't get far, is there an ending?

The 50/50 chance event in the beginning put me on edge as I was collecting sticks and walking around.  Good job on having multiple endings!

WOw, the design is just absolutely beautiful,  the web page included!  Using a needle-stitching style is such a neat idea, and it was pulled off so well!  Amazing job!

Thank you very much for playing!  This is very much a work in progress and am excited to see it grow as well!

This is a brilliant idea!  I hope this gains more traction!

Really enjoyed this game!  The synthwave and aesthetics were very fitting, as well as many of the words.  The Miami words were very... Miami.

Great job!  You nailed the atmosphere and aesthetic very well.  I think if there were a few more scenarios to highlight the enemy encroachment (in order for more build-up towards the end) that would benefit greatly.  

Thank you for playing!  Always stay hydrated!

The animals were adorable, and it filled me with accomplishment keeping them watered!