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Awwww, I love it, thanks for play 💝💝💝

hey! so scary gameeee. you can send me your discord or email, to send you the prizes codes :D

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Hey, thanks to everyone for participating :D

The results have already been published on the Kaboom blog

See you on MarkJam 5 ❣️

I love it! Very cool

Hey! I’m now working in a docs site, you can check here

I think the theme can be butter

Yes! I will add it to the page, but yes, you can edit and remake the Mark sprite!

Omg its a epic game!!! Very cool.

Epic game!!!

like your comment :), thanks

thanks!!! pretty cool char

so cool. we should do a collab

my char

thankssss! good avatar!


I love it! so cool

so cool hahah

thank you so much :)))

haha! looks so cool

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Fixed! Try now

great that you like it, any suggestions of styles and others you can tell me, thank you 💟

Ohhh I love it! I see that our recent games are similar. I really like yours! The pixel art is very good. Good job :>

So cool! Really it’s your first game? Very polished, so fun, very good :>

so cool so cool

very cool!

you are the first

Sorry about the sumbission disqualified. But the game doesnt’s work.

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Hi jammers! the winners have been selected. I am pleased to announce them and I would like to thank the judges of this edition, and the participants.

The MarkGold Winner - Jam Quest by bltnico

A cool platformer with bosses and mini-game sections definitely reminiscent of the Wario-Ware experience! 

"Despite its problems and the playground example mechanics, there are levels, details, minigames. The scale is large, it's ambitious, and it works." - Doku
"Very cool game, lots of levels. The UI and some of the story reminds me of Mega Man." - Theo

The MarkSilver Winner - Jam Spread by Insany

A game about painting the map with jam, it is simple and straightforward but the result is fun and gives an experience which is all about thinking.

"Simple concept. Sweet puzzles that use the mechanics to its' advantage. For example, Level 05 has the shape of a jam container."  - Theo

The MarkBronze Winner - Chef Mark by ErikoX

Mini-games around Mark cooking jam, a real chef deserves a cool prize!

"It's simple, but it's so polished." - Doku
"Overall, great and creative game" - Theo

Congratulations! This is the first mark jam where all participants have won a prize! The low number of entries doesn't make us sad, the important thing is the fun and if at least 3 people can make great games, we appreciate it! Thank you so much to all Kaboomies and Jammers 💖'

(prizes will be awarded during the course of soon and through the comments of this post, probably)



My character!

Very polished and fun. So cool :)

I like the game! The theme is well applied and the 3 mini-games are fun. At the moment the music gets a bit repetitive at times, but great game :)

The theme is JAM

Haha, the theme is JAM, but Zelda chest music it’s a good theme too


Welcome to the third edition of Mark Jam, anxious to see all your games!