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Laith Yagame

A member registered Sep 06, 2020

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The game looks interesting, but I didn't understand anything, put the game in English, and animate the character walking.
Besides, I have nothing to comment on, the soundtrack is good and the sprites.

I don't have money to give you, I'm from Brazil, a currency here is 5 VS greater than 1 dollar. Excuse me. But his game is incredibly, the soundtrack, the design, the story, EVERYTHING!

this game have a signification big? Or is a simple joke nonsense?

for a first game is very good, but have much bugs and back the a music in the start not is good, he is a little hard e is bad to listen. You have a great talent, and if improve more, cay make a game much good! Sucess in the you life.

i waiting 5 minutes, after back here, more by pictures is a good game.

This game is amazing,the art ,music,sound all!Thanks for make a game pretty that.Just the control could be best.

need a computer whith OS 64 bit?

this game is very good,please,finish the game.I need see the end!