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Just finished playing it and it's already one of my favorite games of all time. I can't fully explain it, but it just really struck a chord with me. All of the different characters and each of their unique stories are grounded in something that feels so real and genuine on such a deeply human level (even with characters that are very decidedly not human) that makes the whole experience feel like so much more than a game. Speed Dating for Ghosts manages to perfect a balance between poignant and hilariously quirky and it's absolutely stellar. I can't recommend it enough and I'll definitely be keeping up with any future projects from the talented people who worked to create this gem of a game :D

ahhhhhh |||||***SPOILER***||| would the taking the stake part you're talking about be the one on the beach when you can choose to either call out to agatha the vampire while she's looking for it and (presumably) give her back the stake or say nothing and keep it? that actually really helps, i was asking because i was really torn on which decision i should make there but i think i'll give the stake back to agatha now. thank you for taking the time to reply, i really appreciate it!!

hey, would you mind telling me which decision you made exactly regarding the stake that led to that happening D: i would've direct messaged you about this if i could since i don't mind spoilers but i know some people would but i don't think that's an option here on :( totally get if you don't want to say, just figured i should try asking :•)