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This game...

....encapsulates TOS frustration perfectly. Just what the hell IS that blockade of text they specifically engineered to be ignored?! And why are any attempts to find the shady stuff in it, in-court or otherwise, so hard to do?!!

Very powerful narrative... this kind of family situation is unfortunately all too common. Having my choices lead to the culmination of Aiden's past was a compelling experience. Especially for kids living with abusive parents, the easiest option may seem to be to ignore the problem and live through it- but it takes bravery to step up and confront it.

This was an experimental game with a lot of potential. The art is excellent, and there are puzzles, choices, and exploration- all hallmarks. Narrative games have so much potential as a storytelling device, and if you want to make more in the future, then I want to support you! 

This game was very short and simple, and the english translation could be improved. Adding more content to your future projects would make a more developed and meaningful experience.

Keep up the great work! :D

A beautiful game. As someone who has a grandma with dementia this really struck home for me. Wandering around with the occasional memory or scattered thought makes for a contemplative experience(or a stark and immediate experience from Lillian's perspective). But even through these trials their love still stands... Thank you for making this....

I. Love. This demo. With more polish, I definitely see an amazing game in the works!

The amount of player interactivity draws me right into the game- character customization, choices that actually define your personality, and meaningful interactions are all very much present. Stages of life and an adjustable meter for interest levels is very innovative as well- and I'm excited to see them come to fruition!

It makes me feel that much more immersed with the world. Having this much grasp over choice made conversations with Cove feel genuine, and for a slice-of-life VN, this kind of investment is perfect. As a feel-good, relationship-driven narrative, this demo succeeded at making me care about day-to-day life and the meaningful conflicts in between. Playing and watching these characters grow up together will be a whole new VN experience for me.

The art is fantastic: the colorful character designs, crisp CG, and detailed backgrounds all add to the vibrant seaside setting. Keep up the great work, I'll be sure to look out for future updates!! :D

Probably one of the most intense VNs I've played in a LONG time, with some of the most gorgeous artwork to boot... 

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Very cute and relaxing game, although it puts up a fair challenge! :D Finding new flowers was difficult and I rarely ran into predators/prey. If I could recommend anything, it would be to improve the graphics(the background is VERY low-poly), fix the cut in the music loop, and add more flowers/prey/predators in the early areas.

Love this demo, stunning graphics and crisp combat!

THIS IS SO AWESOME. I can't wait for more of the game!!!!

I love the vintage mansion setting, it's unique in terms of DR and adds a Clue murder-mystery vibe to the game. The character designs are so colorful and expressive too- every character piqued my interest in one way or another, and I've got questions about each one that I really want to be answered...

My favorite characters so far are Lyle(It's likely he lied about "making up" his correct guess of the dog painting, since he's a puzzlemaster, and his overall mysterious/seedy nature might make him an anomaly in the game) , Art(What a goofball, I absolutely love that he gets holes-in-ones all the time JUST BECAUSE HES LAZY), and Cyrus(Ultimate Charisma is a very interesting title that I feel will be relevant later on).

I'm also really interested in the "Preservation" project. These kids are living in luxury- they can order meals, have a lavish mansion to wander around in, have huge plush beds- it seems as though they're being "preserved" in top condition. So why a killing game under these circumstances?

I am totally on board with this. I've always thought about making fangans myself, but never really got the confidence to... and playing ones like these really reignite my inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

(And PS: How dare they not know what the Funyarinpa is?! It's blasphemy! >:D)

I'm actually really enjoying this game so far! I found the concepts introduced interesting- what mysteries could there possibly be on this guy's camping trip? What's with all these strange, tense tips to keep in mind in the hints?  How will "denial" play into all of this?

I was surprised when I died the first time around, incredibly early into the game.  It really set the mood for the rest of the experience. I was actually scared of Arith and put a lot of thought into the choices I had to make, taking my previous mistakes into account. Things were unpredictable.

There isn't much gameplay with visual novels, but in this one, you made sure that the player's choices were the main source of tension and replayability. I'll definitely be searching for the best ending!