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Awesome. I'll have to download that as well. It's so amazing that this game is supported on so many platforms, so that there is always at least some option out there.

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Just bought and finished this game in a few play sessions.  I greatly enjoyed the spooky atmosphere that paired well with the Halloween Season.

The game hit a sweet spot for difficulty, length, complexity, and story. Although I do like games that are also a little longer, I find shorter games fit my schedule better.  The artwork was terrific and added to the ambience.  I was able to solve most of the puzzles, but had to consult a walkthrough guide at a few spots of difficulty.  There were a couple of times where I knew that I needed to do "x", but had trouble figuring out how, but later learned "USE" is a pretty good all around VERB for most situations and that helped.

All around, this was a very enjoyable and fun/relaxing game to play through.  Please consider making more of these in the future!

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Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try it out. I just realised that even if I can't get it to work on "theC64", I can probably use the "Commander X16" emulator and still play it.  I'll go ahead and download. This game looks exciting.

Will this game work on the new "theC64" maxi?