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Wow fun game bro

The game needs to be balanced

Nah there is a complete tileset with 3 differents colors I mean for 3$ you can make it 20 easily

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I can't pay with a card :(

This game is awesooooooome! 9/10

maybe adding more mobs and maybe boss in the future.

a minimap could be apreciated too!

Keep up the good work man ;)

thank :)

Awesome! the game is fluid, the art is perfect and it is easy to pick up. I WAAAAAANT a full release, actually I need it.

Also I have some feedback with bugs and all :

When you die the time doesnt reset, a proper tutorial could be usefull, at first I was avoiding the enemy instead of jumping on theim. maybe the WASD could be added and thats kind of it.

Now the positive feedback that I've found unique about your game. The box picking "puzle" were fun, the character is easy to control, the black background is splendid and the score is a good impliment. 

Plz never stop programming -FlipFlop

It was a small and great game

A master piece, I'm waiting for the next update

Wow! 10 on 10 for the message but I suggest to add some sound effect for more deep feeling, u know like feel what the character feeling are (like at the beggining you hear everything correctly but at the end you have a kind of underwater sound)

The game was good, Narrative game always have a little charm. Hope to see ya next week!

Wow!... Its really cute! It proves that even when a game last 30 sec, it can be good!

Cool game! Im in love with the concept! I suggest to add a tutorial teaching us how to bounce on the line

Wow! It was a great experience, love the art!