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I liked the whole environment around the character, a nice artwork. The console challenges are quite easy to solve, but I had a great time with this game!

Noice! Very nice game!

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This card game is surprisingly good!  I liked the special skills of each card especially the one from the cat! Really enjoy the art and all the mechanics are already really good for the first prototype of the game.

Some suggestions so that the game can be even better:  

. Quests - to increase base status of the cards. Harder matches gradually in game. By winning a match, the base stats of the cards would increase.

. Would be great to see some fusions between some cards to get a stronger card or a new special skill.

. A built-in shop - to buy all sort of things (cards, items) earned in-game by quests or missions.

Well, this is my feedback, I'm eager to see more updates of this amazing game for sure!