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Thanks to all of you who helped me to find all these bugs.

I really appreciate it!!

Bug Fixes:
-The doors you open will remain open.
-You will not lose the gems you get.
-The player will no longer be stuck if he falls into the water.
-The elevator to the boss now works fine.
-The secret boss is fixed, you can now access the second end.
-Secret items are saved correctly.
-Many other minor bugs.

The second ending is after kill the sewer boss,i promise to fix the problems you say soon!.

To get te 4th item you need to hit a wall,the oposite wall where the 3th item is, you will see that the wall is a little broken.

Yes,there is a problem with the doors,In a future version i will fix it(if you see any other bug no doubt to say me).Thanks for play!

Yes of course,im working in a new and better verion of this demo,and later a full version of the game.

You can chek my twitter for updates.Thanks for play!