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That's not a question I can helpfully answer, sorry. I don't use Windows, but my cursory knowledge tells me that it should obviously show it somewhere...maybe resize the window?

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as someone who's worked at a place where we used virustotal everyday, yeah 1 out of 62 (as of writing) is not really a good indicator, especially when the 1 is a machine learning based detection mechanism.

please do not run desktop apps like this as root....

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That's clearly just hyperbole. But they still have a point. Whenever I open up `htop` running this and another Unity game, I see veadotube with 2 CPU intensive threads (it opens more but they appear to be low usage) at >100% CPU core usage (100-130, goes higher than 100 because of boost clocks I assume), while this other game (Riichi City) has only one CPU intensive thread at ~30-40% CPU core usage. Not that I know exactly how this app is written, since it's not open source, but it does smell like there are some loose ends somewhere.

$ /usr/bin/time ./veadotube\ mini.x86_64

^C211.53user 490.08system 9:53.59elapsed 118%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 510572maxresident)k 0inputs+18664outputs (3major+50440minor)pagefaults 0swaps

Honestly for a ~10 minute run the above is quite a bit.

I was checking out games made in Rust and played this for a straight hour. At some point I stopped needing tower upgrades, I guess? So I'm just chilling right now with a score above 20 million, but with a tired wrist (probably wasn't the best idea lol), but it was fun!