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i am stuck at the level when there is acid and the tuxedo cat i dont know how to throw the blade on the acid

i managed to reach level 11, fun game but drives you crazy XD

love this

the art is so cute but the dialogues are too long

got stuck at opening the door in the car room, 258 does not work

good idea for an horror themed game

cute how do i go to that green room in the last screenshot?


well this was interesting

loved this

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but i learnt i could shoot boxes so issue was resolved


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i get stuck here third level

cute adversaries


cute game i wonder if someone managed to eat it all

this game is so hard


I think it lools good

anyway i am sorry i have played on browser and i thought the full game was on browser. i just read somewhere it was free.

the enemy

i played it on broswer

once i meet the other fox it restarts all over again, is this normal?

have you thouht about adding a map?

this is such a nice game but i don't know where to go

good short game

just one word : why?

cute little game , works well on browser too :)

i press the enter button but it isnt responsive.

i am on opera and windows 10 .

i am sorry for your loss <3

cute game

the poor kitty not getting fed lol


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i think it is because American pitbull terriers  are a breed unlike wolf dogs (that is excluding hybrid breeds selected for a dog-like behavior who are in majority dogs genetically anyway.)

You need a permit to own a wolfdog in many countries and their breeding may be illegal because unlike dogs (even pitbulls) they lack the several genetic mutations humans have selected for a more submissive and friendly behavior.

There's a reason there are sanctuaries for wolves and wolf dogs but not pit bulls.

i liked it :)

no way pitbulls are more dangerous than wolfdogs, just because more fatalities happens from pitbulls that is not how statistics work. Not many people own wolfdogs while pitbulls are one of the most popular breed.

i couldnt launch it . i have windows 32 bit (i used the 32 bit version) vista.