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Can I download this on iphone??

I'm having an error where I choose to pair up with darius and start training and an error pops up I try to ignore it but it doesn't work

I lost in the bet in the arcade I really want to kiss darius even though he kissed me everytime in the game aghhh i can't wait

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So I'm just saying this but I like the old art better because it feels like I'm in the game plus I already missed Darius' perverted face. 

Darius' new look makes him less pervert and rich....

And I was wondering why is there guy in the game its suppose to be a world full of furries.

So my question is....

Is the old art for the characters are gone I miss their faces especially Darius' perverted face.

I hope you keep the old art for the characters but you a did a good job I really enjoyed this visual novel.

Sorry for my bad english...