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Wow, this is great!  Can't wait to play it again with all the planned additions!

I am working on a big project that I just had to start over.  3D game with multiple 2D minigames to be played in the environment.  Just getting up and running with the basic 3D part, but the goal for Devtober is to successfully complete and implement 1 minigame to really get started on the larger project.

Originally started in vanilla javascript, but ended up finding it way too big of a project for myself alone to work on, especially considering the scope.  The 3D environment was originally 2D, but when I made the switch to Unity to make things easier on myself, one thing that really made me want to switch was imagining the 3D portions of the game.  I can do some art, but I seem to be horrible at pixel arting, so instead I will make low-poly 3D.

Haha, I love this, it takes me back...

Haha, thanks!  I had a more dramatic reveal for the cake in mind, including a final different puzzle involving the altar, but didn't have time to implement it.  I had also planned one puzzle per gem, but once again ran out of time.  I may have slightly overscoped lol.  Thanks for playing!

Loved the game, so much fun to play!

I got stumped a few times, but managed to figure them out!  (with the occasional hint help)