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Oh, thank you for pointing that out. I'm going to remove that. I feel like saying that people can't claim the work as their own is enough.

I'm glad you like it. I'm kinda think people in Degica used it as reference for one of their sample maps in the new version of RPG Maker, so I'm really proud of it. Making it was like having a session of Sim City.

Sure, you can modify and break it down as much as you want. That's exactly the point of this resource. Thanks for using it.

Sadly, no. This is just a collection for easier access of all maps I did.

Never mind, I was able to use a friend's PC to get it done.

Here's the link:

I'm kinda having some trouble with my PC at the moment. Maybe, next week I'll be able to set everything up. I'm really glad you wish to support, just drop a donation on any resource and download them all the others as you please. No need to drop a donation to all of them. Thank you again.

Sure, I might do that today. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thank you very much! Current working on making a pixel art version of all of them.

Thank you!

Whenever I do an update, I'll check here for suggestions. Thanks.

You're welcome.

I'm almost 30 and I have no shame to be playing this. The first time I played Doom was on the SNES port and even though it looked hideous it hooked me up real hard and I gotta say... this is amazing. 

The writing is sensible and cute, the characters have a lot of charm and it's quite endearing with all the remarks the characters do to the enviroments of Mars and Hell. This is a great work.

Besides using Doom characters, this is the kind of stuff that could easily gain traction with completely original characters and references to retro shooters. Love this.

Sent you and invite.

The assets are from MZ, but as far as I'm aware you could use it on MV without adjusting the size, so yeah.

You sure can. ;)

Thank you. :)

As long as you're using it on RPG Maker, you sure can. Feel free to share it around as well.

Awesome work.

Thank you so much. I wish I had more time and resource to focus on making these. I'll keep working on what I can, thanks for supporting.

If you're using RPG Maker MV, yes you can. :) Have fun

Done. I added a file with double the size. Have fun!

24x32 is the size that MV uses for each number, that's why they're so small. I'll see what I can do to have a bigger version available. :)

Thx a lot, friend. Your support is always appreciated as well.

Thank you so much! It's good to be back.

Hey, dude. Sorry for taking so long to reply. The restriction to not use this map outside of RPG Maker comes from the developers of the tool. As long as you don't make anything major and commercial with it in other tool, you're in the clear. Feel free to remix it however you want.

That's awesome! Please visit the other resources if possible and share them around.  I'm very happy it worked for you.

Use this video as a guide:

Fixed it, it's CC-BY-SA 4.0. Sorry.

Sorry for taking a while to talk back to you, could you list me which items are common in ramen dishes? Where I live we don't have nothing like that and I'm way too unfamiliar with it. Let's talk via email,

Sure, that could be fun. Do you have any sort of reference for ramen related items I can use?

Hi, thx for the feedback. You can use it for personal or commercial projects as needed. No need to credit me. If you want to support make a donation or just share it with other people linking to my page. 

Too bad I'm still stuck with GMS 1.4, this looks super cool and I was looking for something exactly like this. Love your projects. 

The .json file is what Rpg Maker uses internally to load the map into a project. Search for "how to import a map in RPG Maker MV" and you'll find plenty of guides on how to do it.

No need to credit me, but I'd appreciante if you could mention my page or share it around with friends. These icons are remade to match the official art from Nintendo so, for all intends and purposes, this is their copyright. Use it in your own terms for personal projects and fan projects, but remember to refer to Nintendo as copyright owners.

I mostly work doing maps for MV, butI could totally do one with VX Ace.

thank you!

Of course, talk to me via email:

Thank you :)

Free to use to use, but do not distribute.