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Looking really good! Awesome work guys

Oh so true. The game industry is a gloriously weird and frustrating one to work in. But it's one of the best industries to be involved withe because it's filled with amazingly talented people.

Not only have you createfd Nick Bounty, whom I am a big fan of, but you worked on some of my favorite titles! I did not know this at all! (Seriously, you wrote the dialog to the CSI-games? That's awesome!)

I'm sorry about the sudden news of TTG laying people off and shutting down. Needless to say, to us fans it was a shock to the system, so I can't even begin to imagine what you employees must have thought and felt.  

I wish you the very best of luck, and with your track-record and 14 years of experience from TTG, you're sure loving  grooming personal projects (Like Nick Bounty 3) I'm keeping my eye on you, good sir! Keep up the good work and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing your personal projects in the future, while my nostalgia is drooling over the ones from the past.

Been a Nick Bounty fan for years! I am so excited for this