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Lady of the Labyrinth

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Hi, I'm curious, is this going to have dating sim elements or do the characters have canon love interests?

So we *have* to go to war to avoid marrying Aalam? Interesting 馃 killing him going to be a possibility? Because to be honest I already kind of hate this guy, and I haven't even played the demo yet 馃槀

Right, sorry, didn't think of that!

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This was really good in general but holy shit, the bad ending lives in my head rent free. 


Absolutely cannot stop thinking about all three of them alone and completely heartbroken, Ariel eventually falling... And I suspect Michael isn't having a very good time in this ending either tbh.

I've never seen a solo ttrpg before, this is great! Exactly what I need after repeatedly failing to start games with other people. 

And the story is right up my alley too! Let's see what comes of this ~

that's kind of what I assumed, but I wanted to make sure. thanks!

So, I'm a bit confused re: endings. Is it still two endings with variations depending on who you're romancing, or are there more endings now?

Geez, I was already in love with August, you didn't need to go this hard 馃槀

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I'm definitely playing  1.05 (since I only bought the game today :D) but I'm still having this bug, I'm afraid.

also, it looks like I can't get his ending because of this?:(

Is there, per chance, a guide on how to get all the CGs somewhere? I can't seem to figure it out myself.

Hey,  so Rack 2 refuses to open, says something about the data folder needing to be next to the .exe file? What do I do?

So I've been wondering - does you-know-what still happen to Nazir in the other boys' routes? If it does, how come Alexis isn't aware that anything happened at all? And if it doesn't, why not? 

Yes, there is. For some reason I couldn't see it until literally right now?? Weird. I guess there was some kind of a glitch.

I'm a bit confused, how do I open the game?

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how many endings are there right now?