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I know im supposed to be the ''heartbreaker'' of this story but my heart already broken when i read the pov of romantic interests.And wearing the r--g added salt to it.Sorry boys.I promise i will fix this x(

Well excuse you dear Death, my boy Roe will be a rebel in your humble game >( 

Hope you have a back up plan XOXO

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Oyunun fragmanından gördüğüm kadarıyla, atmosfer bana Amnesia'yı hatırlattı.Kovayan yaratık-tanımlanamayan varlık ya da her neyse tasarımı daha ürkütücü olabilirdi yalnız buna rağmen yeteri derecede ucube.Neyse uzun lafın kısası, başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.Umarım çok iyi yerlere gelirsiniz <3

Ok seems the only way to turn this around is ''Make a deal'' choice during kidnapping.Any other choice leads to dead end for Chris.

-Move out of the way to slice him > Make a deal with the men.

Is there a way to fix the ''Dead Chris'' bug? Last night i restarted and cant pass that stage unless i edit the save file which doesnt always work properly.I played this alot of times and never encounter such a bug bfor.Something messes up the choices.

Time to restart everything :3

Gonna re-read the story after the update <3

Select your characters main fear section and choose your fear after importing, otherwise your import wont progress cause no button appears.Or worst case, its corrupted file but im sure the problem is choosing fear, cause fear part doesnt import for some reason.

I really enjoyed this game.Has an interesting plot and characters are lovable (even thou some are really grumpy but im willing to give them a chance and get to know first).As far as i seen, action and non-action scenes takes two different paths and player choice-based instead of forcing us into it.

Thanks for writing this.Wishing you good luck with the next update(s).

Very nice story.I hope our Mc will be dragged into smth dark,powerful with their friends ,and romance is a big plus in this adventures, but im really fond of when there is an option to fight like a badass (esp near your crush cause they need to see how cool you are xD)^^

I enjoyed the piano music-crow sounds alot btw.I love creepy/dark music :3

Amazing story.The ending was marvelous, makes you crave for the 3rd season <3

I'm so hyped for this story.It looks interesting.Good luck and thanks for creating :)

*polyamorous relationship* option captured my heart already.