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Such an amazing game. Got a great ending first playthrough and definitely cried. Thank you so much for making this!

Thank you for the input! I will take some of the advice, but as this is the initial demo, I can see how it feels a bit fast paced. The extended demo elaborates more on the characters' relationships, but I will definitely use the advice with pulling back a bit! I was going for a pretty intense start on purpose to really give the player the feeling of just being "thrown in" to this situation.

Thanks for playing! Loved the video and I appreciate your thoughts about the game!

So excited for this! I already know its gonna be amazing!


Sent a friend request! I LOVE your work! 

Looking for a GUI artist for my otome/amare fantasy Visual novel. Budget around $350 but negotiable. Willing to pay more for  logo redesign also. Must have experience as a GUI artist and experience with Renpy preferred. 

What an amazing game!!! Was on the edge of my seat the whole time excited for what happens next. Osgoode was really likeable for me honestly and super cute. Thanks for making such a fantastic game!

Thank you so much for the indepth review! I know Yuuto comes off terribly, but I wanted his character to really represent how there's usually something happening behind the scenes to make someone act that way (although it doesn't excuse his actions- this is why I never wanted the MC to just submit to his rude remarks)! Quinn also is one of my favorites. He is nothing but a sweetheart! Sullivan is just, Sullivan lol. He also isnt my type, but I always adored having a LI that could also be a caring friend for the MC. The love I've been seeing for Eryck always makes me happy too, as his route can be a bit heavy for some! Thanks so much for this post and thank you for playing!!

Thank you for your support!!

yes! ill make sure to post a new devlog and tweet an announcement once all the keys are up and ready to be redeemed :)

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! And Yuuto is definitely one of my favorites too!

Thank you for your thoughts! I'm glad you had fun! Also yes, the explicit scenes were a bit out of my comfort zone and this was my first attempt at writing them, but thank you for the kind criticism! I'll work on improving for my next venture at NSFW works :) 

Here's just a small thread for any of your  thoughts! From the characters, to the story, to anything else about the game- I'd love to hear it!

Please report any errors and bugs that may happen here. If downloading a new version of the game (new demo update, or full release/updates)- please do not use old saves as they tend to cause disruptions within the program. Thanks!

Snips & Snails is going to be the first of many visual novels to come out from Lacydigital! Join the discord to chat about all things Otome and keep update on next releases!

Also, for any questions or if you wanna just talk to me, Lacy, you can reach me at:

For professional inquiries, please contact me at:

I'm glad you liked it! I love you guys are birthday twins♡

Aww, thank you! I love them all also, but I 100% get having a soft spot for him!

I agree! I have tweaked a few things to make it seem more natural instead of suddenly being plunged into a whole story out of nowhere. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

There is optional sexual content that is not featured in the demo.

Thank you for the feedback! I will take it into account!

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As of right now, I am planning for it to be commercial but very affordable! Thank you for playing!