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This would be allowed! We mainly just want to avoid any horror/traumatizing elements (rape, abuse, brutal torture, etc) which it sounds like you don't have anything leading to that nature. This sounds like a well thought out BDSM-esq game that is welcomed and we look forward to your entry!

Can't wait!!! Glad you are refreshed too!

MC is set to she/her pronouns only. The MC is nameable, but is a cisgender female. If you're looking for a Lacydigital Studios game with more pronoun options, you may want to try out Roped In! Thanks for the interest!

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Feel free to use the community board to find team members for Josei After Dark! Please include the following in your post:

Title: (Your wanted role) Looking for members/team

If you are leading a team, please give a brief synopsis of your game idea.

Skills: (writer, sprite artist, programmer, etc)

Socials to be contacted: (discord, twitter, tumblr, etc)

Game Development Resources:



Lemma Soft Forums

Smut Writing 101:

Lacy's Guide to NSFW Writing for Visual Novels

How to Write Compelling Erotica

10 TIps for Writing (Good) Smut

NSFW is the main vibe we are aiming for with this jam, but we will also accept suggestive works for those new to smutty writing!

NSFW for this jam is considered to be more blatant sexual acts described in detail and/or portrayed with art.

Suggestive content we consider to be things such as making out, heavy petting, dirty talk, and foreplay. You may then lead it into a "fade to black" scenario if you so choose!

The aim is to have games submitted to this jam where a romantic, erotic story is told! 

A good example of an NSFW game is Lacy's game, Roped In.

You may also make any NSFW/suggestive scenes optional. Other than that, as long as you stick to the jam's rules - you are good to go!

If you still are unsure, feel free to head on over to the Questions thread in the community board!

Josei After Dark community · Created a new topic Questions!

Curious about the jam? Want to know if your planned ideas will work/be allowed? Ask here!

Super fun game! Loved the characters, the art was great, and I was obsessed with the GUI! Also love the shorter length as it was perfect to sit down and enjoy in one night! 

Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it! They were the sweetest little guys back then!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And that could be a fun side story, I will keep it in mind!

Woo! This is amazing! I remember when Hunters first came out and I got it the day of! I just wanted to tell you how much I ADORE this game, and I know others may compare it to the first Demonheart, but Hunters on its own is wonderful it its own way! Thank you for updating it and I am super excited to play the new maps! Also, I loved the ending I got originally and thought the writing throughout was phenomenal, but thank you for your extra hardwork! (Also can't wait for Raze to meet another cat, haha!)

Thank you so much Lila! You are too kind! Yeehaw!

This was so beautifully written and a wonderful retelling of Cinderella! Henri was amazing and the art fit the fairytale themes perfectly!

Thank you for your kind words! Next year holds some surprises for Roped In fans!

Let me just say: this game is totally worth playing. The story is so well written and the characters and all dynamics shared between them are realistic. I loved how the age gap between the two main characters was handled and their romance felt organic.

The art, music, and voice acting was just icing on the cake to the games strong base: story and dialogue. This studio continues to put out high quality games that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a good love story (that offers a few laughs too!) 

You can choose the mc’s pronouns from either he, she, or they! (So you can play as a female MC!)

Thank you, Joy😭 and youre right, only thing better than one cowboy is two!

Thank you, Snakkiez! And of course, I hope everyone loves the Boone (Balls)!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am so happy you loved our Boone boy! And I am glad the inclusivity and flexibility is not going unnoticed (gotta let everyone have a little bit of the cowboy!)

It will be free to play!

Thank you so much for your support! Roped In will be coming out soon! Official release date TBD! 

This is one of the best takes on the "superhero" trope I've ever experienced. I was enamoured with Ray from the get go! I really loved him and how complex and well written his story was!

Fun fact! The graphic in this is wrong and the game will be 70% off so it will be $2.10. I can't do math!

This was such a lovely game. The music, art, and writing really tied everything together. The best way to describe it was so truly poetic and sweet. This had a very meaningful message I think could be interpreted in a few different and wonderful ways. I am not familiar with the original greek tale, but even without that background I still felt connected with this game. Amazing work for the jam!

thank you for playing joy! i loved watching your reactions to the characters and i hope you enjoy the full game when its out!

I am so glad I finally got time to play this game! Everything about this was so well done. The art, voice acting, GUI, music selection, EVERYTHING I loved! Also the characters were so intruiging and Shay became my favorite right off the bat! Lovely work and what a well written story, definitely everyone needs to check this out if they want a good story with relatable characters and a game with a ton of love put into it!

Okay, there are so many amazing things I can say about this game. First off, I was already familiar with this devs work, so I knew going in I was going to have a great time!

-The main menu itself, a masterpiece, plus the art in game from the backgrounds, special effects, sprite art, EVERYTHING is so high quality and I adore this style

-The music is beautiful and perfectly chosen for every scene, also the voice acting is top notch and suited to each character

-The lore of this world is well written and intriguing. Plus it is not hard to follow and I really get captivated as a part of it!

-I loved the choice options (any game that offers me a personality system for the MC is good in my book!)

-The glossary terms being highlighted and able to be scrolled over for context is such a great feature that helps you keep track of the story and who's who.

-THE CHARACTERS, okay. I was already a Keldran enjoyer going into this so I may be biased but OH MY GOODNESS. He is just so perfectly flirty and lovely, I couldn't get enough!

All in all I cannot wait for the full game, and pretty much anything else this dev puts out as their work is always top tier and shows how much love and care goes into their games!

One of my favorite things about this game is the completely different designs of the love interests! It really caught my eye (I am a fan of Reynold for sure!) The story so far is unique and fun, a really enjoyable otome! Cant wait for the rest of the routes! 

Oh my god. OH MY GOD? This was AMAZING! The writing was phenomenal, the lore I cant wait to learn more. The MC and I have a similar personality so I immediately loved her, and ALVAREZ? An older love interest, his personality, and the way he talks...I genuinely was BLUSHING playing this. I cant wait for the full game and props to the dev for such a creative and intruiging demo! 

This is such a refreshing otome. I am excited to see what the full game will have! The time period is one of my favorites, the dialogue is so well written and the slang used well! I definitely am a fan of Nils, but all the love interests seem great! I also appreciate the MC. She has a really fun and spunky way about her. The art style is so nice and the music choices are well suited. Overall great work and I can tell a lot of love and care went into this demo! 

I loved this game! Peppermint is so cute. I loved the art style, music, and the voice acting! The writing was 10/10 (many of us know what its like to get sucked into a free gacha game!) I cant wait for the full game!

OH MY GOD?! This game is so good I love Peter so much. The writing is amazing, the options for different art styles is such a good idea, and the concept of the story overall is so sweet. 

I'm serious Peter is so perfect literally my favorite type of character T_T. Thank you for such a fun game (also the implied autism representation is appreciated!)

Heehee thanks for playing! I love how much you love him!

This game is so well written! The character dynamics are wonderful and not only is interacting with the boys fun, but watching them interact is amazing! A few moments had me laughing out loud! The dev really captured what its like to be stuck with a room full of guys who are practically like brothers. I can't wait for the full release and seeing more from this dev!

P.S. I'm a full Antonio lover, he had me giggling and kicking my feet for real <3

Raku best boyfriend tbh! I loved playing this and everything about it was amazing! The twist was the best! Also, the UI was so satisfying to me, great work from the dev all around!

thank you for the kind words!! im so happy you enjoyed it!

perfect song for him honestly, love it

Thank you so much for your kind words! So sorry that his guide was not in the walkthrough, here is the choices needed to make to get his ending with the epilogue! If the choice isn't in the list then you can feel free to choose any option as it will not affect the outcome. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!


1. Interested

2. Head home

3.Thanks for the company

4.Maybe I am human, maybe I'm not!

5.Sure, it's nice out today.


7.Ask him to come to class with me.

8.I'm pretty?

9.A bit.

10. You can stay

11. Step through Eryck.

12.I'd like that.