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thanks, this was really helpful :D

hope the game can get updated soon, it was pretty fun!

what's the difference between all the mood options

thanks :D

when will it come out on browser edition? just curious

nice! thanks for letting me know. 

Yeah, I get that. It can sometimes take a while, but keep at it! I bet you'll get it there in a shorter amount of time than you think! 

hope you're doing good

will the game ever be browser-playable again? I remember last year you were working on that. 

Love your work, though! hope your day is going great! :)

when is the futa part? 

<3 the game so far btw!


That's because they have college

I wish y'all would release the full game, but I could legit wait a year if needed bc of y'all's school year

Lol this was the game that made me realize I'm trans and pretty much gay 

life was simpler back before this

This is really cool, I love the game mechanics. 

How'd you learn to make games? Did you go to college for it? I love your work!


Whoa, What if...what if Bowsette(which was a brilliant idea by the way) were a futa instead? 

IDK if u guys don't like the whole futa thing but it sorta made sense for Bowsette. I just wanted to bounce the idea; I know the model's finished, I'm just sayin'...

Hey, I love you guys' work. Keep making this stuff, cause the art's cool in its' own way. (And this is coming from a fellow artist, so you know it's genuine.)

Hope you guys are doing well during this whole Covid mess! Keep your heads up, we're all in this together! 

Welp, I did it. My name's grace now. That's cool. 

So it really wasn't that hard; I legit just tried my profile settings to see if that would work, and it did. 


Anyway, Hope you're doing good! Stay funky, I look forward to your games!

Aw, thanks, I appreciate that. (Also, I'm using an old username and wanted to change it since Jame isn't a gender-neutral one.[cause I'm a gender-fluid dude.] You know if it's possible to change the account name? I'd appreciate any tips!)

Lol, my week's been okay, other than the fact that school sucks. (Can't wait until I have the funds to build a treehouse, that'd be cool) 

I'll stay funky if you will! Bye!

This game in general is cool, and sadly the only thing is that I wish I could become a patron. I can't now because of my income(and I'm legit the minimum age for this lol) so I'm sorry. 

But I love all your games either way!! Keep making cool stuff, I look forward to seeing anything new!

Hope your week went okay! 

Awesome!! Glad you guys finally finished it. 

Keep up the great work!!

So, where's the update with the new gallery image?

oh, never mind, I figured it out; the game only loads properly when i'm in bed

I'm on a computer

I tried playing on chrome on here a second time and the game wouldn't load

Ah, thanks; I see it now. What kind of other stuff do you guys have planned for the game?

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What does the bar nest to the text mean? the long one, I can't figure out what it does

I noticed that, for this and I think a couple of the other latest ones, you guys changed the "You Died" shot to "Game Over". It works better. Also, great chapter!

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why do these games feel like a joi? ;)

check their patreon page

Also, for the record, Elsa's Lesbian. 

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Imagine if a Disney nerd were to see this, read every bit of it, look at every picture, and correct you on this. 

wouldn't Bat an eye. I'd simply flip 'em off and ask 'em, "Do you really wanna push my buttons?" 

(Also, I've estimated that this takes place on at about a year or so after the movie Ralph Breaks The Internet ends)

This is just a question, but I wanna know if you can evolve cummander or cumpie

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This game is really awesome, but is there any way for Anne to give her the necklace?