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Come to France, we've got loads of those 'é'.

I'm sorry, this went as a dead project :/
There's nothing you can download ^^'

Hehe, ty! =)

Btw, my highest score is 430 or smth, but I get lost a lot in that maze xD

Nice game! :D

Thank you :3

Thanks a lot! And it's actually not bad ;)

I'll try to add such an option whenever I get the chance to. Thanks for the feedback :)

SleepyGary: Hello! It's more likely my inexperience, as it's the first time I'm really getting anything out of Unreal Engine. I'm sorry that you're not able to make it work, but as you can see in Jupiter's video, there's nothing much to do; This game was really about trying to make a kinda sketchy neighborhood which you could just walk around in ^-^
Jupiter_Hadley: Thanks, that video is awesome, keep up the good work :3

You're welcome :D

Try downloading my last upload, the issue should be fixed.

Created a new topic Theme for the Game Jam

Hello! As you may have seen(I hope), this is the Halloween GameJam. For making your game, the theme(even if it's more a sentence than a theme) is: "You got the sweets". I hope you'll like participing in this GJ.

Good luck, and happy jaming!