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Thank you! That is indeed the best working strategy found so far :)

Thank you!
About the issue you're describing, the game detects that you're "spamming" it and just chooses to play either the same move or the counter-move.

The issue is fixed!

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That is kinda weird, I did a bugfix on that specific issue before release, but thanks for letting me know!

EDIT: I managed to replicate the bug and found a way to fix it. I'll update the game tomorrow.

Love how you turned RPS into a platformer! The only major issue I found was that sometimes two enemies would spawn litteraly inside each other, making it really hard to get through. Great job! :)

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Тhis really plays nicely! Roll in (pun intended) some sound effects and it's perfect :D

Great game! Love all those refs :3

Thanks for the feedback! We're still working on it and will be releasing an update in a day or two :)

Oh okay, that explains a lot x)
Always a pleasure :)

Runs smoothly and the backstory looks nice. My problem is that I couldn't wrap my head around what our goal was, or what the control were. I understood they were zombies and even got my hands on a crowbar, but after taking 5 minutes trying to figure out how to equip it I just tried moving in the street and got 2-shot by the zombies. On the bright side, the painting's nice.
In the end, I think that players could have gotten much more out of your game if their goal was a bit more clear and the controls were written on the page (or even the controls window, which you can toggle on in the Player settings in Unity).

PS: The item randomisation was on point!

Really fun game. After 3 or 4 waves I guess it's hard enough to protect your civilians so that it takes ages to take down all the planes.
Enjoyed it a lot!

Hey, thanks! I tried to fix that with the use of the gates and pressure plates, but couldn't really get the hang of it.

It is indeed really fun to play on local co-op :D

Well, that was unexpected XD

Come to France, we've got loads of those 'é'.

Hehe, ty! =)

Btw, my highest score is 430 or smth, but I get lost a lot in that maze xD

Nice game! :D

Thank you :3

Thanks a lot! And it's actually not bad ;)

I'll try to add such an option whenever I get the chance to. Thanks for the feedback :)

SleepyGary: Hello! It's more likely my inexperience, as it's the first time I'm really getting anything out of Unreal Engine. I'm sorry that you're not able to make it work, but as you can see in Jupiter's video, there's nothing much to do; This game was really about trying to make a kinda sketchy neighborhood which you could just walk around in ^-^
Jupiter_Hadley: Thanks, that video is awesome, keep up the good work :3

You're welcome :D

Try downloading my last upload, the issue should be fixed.

Hello! As you may have seen(I hope), this is the Halloween GameJam. For making your game, the theme(even if it's more a sentence than a theme) is: "You got the sweets". I hope you'll like participing in this GJ.

Good luck, and happy jaming!