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That's awesome to hear!

I'm glad my little game inspired you. Best of luck!

I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed my game so much. I've checked out your Youtube channel; I don't speak any French, but your good vibes have made my day. Also, thanks to Lucas-C for the French translation, which has opened the game to a wider audience.

I'm so glad this little game keeps sparking your creativity. I'd be happy to see what you'd made for the game.

Great! I'm putting a link to it on the game's page. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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I'm so glad my game inspired you to play it and make a podcast about it, and I too want to thank Lucas-C for making the game available to French roleplayers. I'm listening to it and, while my French is super basic, I can tell you had a good time playing it. Your playgroup seems so cool!

Feel free to send me any feedback about the game at either or

As long as nobody is charging money for the game, absolutely. I'll be honoured.

That's so cool! I'm glad you enjoyed my game.