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it was really funny, my girl almost puke c:

Yey, we enjoyed it :D c: uwu pizza devil uwu

Waiting for the next <3

Please. We want to play uwu

I liked the game so i decided to make an ¿Review? Well. Lets start

Story: 8/10

Very good story, i really liked it and the little funny turn in the end about why the character did funny, it is not a ten because most of the character gives a lot of talk. And that is not bad. But, some things felt like just text to fullfil the 3 option chat. The chat could expand the meaning of the Godflower but most of was about reinforcement of the first chat. Adding more detail in this kind of story in another chat option is not optimal. Id prefered talking about other things related with the character and godflower. It happens with some characters but not with all. And the chatting is too long. Something it feels like so much nosense text. Beside of this. The story and the character are well created. And are interesting. The jokes are funny. Maybe it seems like i hate how they are bc of my critic but no, i love it and that only thing was the little issue that dont make them absolutely perfect

Graphics: 10/10

Absolutely a good use of the limitations of gameboy studio. Perfect use of the color pallete, and the art just fit in the kind of game/story. The way you use more one color in some places than in others. I dont know if you wanted but you made the background feed the narrative.

Duration: 9/10

Maybe it seemed bc of my comentary about the chatting that, it was too long. But i feel that it can be a little longer if the chatting were better. A deeper chatting would add some minutes to the gameplay, but it would be a richer experience. I felt that i was loosing gametime on the nosense chatting.

Flow: 9/10

The game is well scripted. You realize easy what you have to do in a simple sight. Hiding the "quest sheet" in a chat with the leader. Was perfect so the experience is not override by a menu. And if you dont realize what's next. With just a chat you got a hint. And the way it forces you to do it in order is really smart. But, maybe the "godplant is ok" after a snail ate half its stem... Maybe it can be changed by a "oh, the sunflower was eaten, i will research about snails" so he dont leave the place, but it reacts to what happened. You can use a trigger with an if statement to, if the pant was poisoned and eaten. When you enter the lab the scientific runs away. But that is not the reason of the 9. It was. Again. The long chatting.

Final words: PLAY IT funny. It worths. A lot. A funny story about the problems of being the daughter of a priest. 

Now a real comment after ending the whole game.

Story: 10/10 

The story is so random. And really random. But with sense. This story is really made in a way where, master of hell kills an economic sistem or get glasses from god (really god glasses) just to be tricked by a dog making soup. It surprised me even in the last of ending. I just can say. Thanks 

Flow: 10/10

Again. The story and the position of the options is the best. So replaying is so easy. And coming back to your last choise to change it and see more. Is so easy. Is almost automatic after you get it. Replaying a point and click gameboy game never was that easy and funny

Controls: 10/10 

I never thought that the best way to make an interactive story was the point and click on gameboystudio i dont know if you are the first but you are the first i saw (and i saw a lot) so. Extra points on that.

Graphics: 10/10

The style is awesome. I dont know if you made it by hand (if you read this please tell me) or with automatic pixel art tool. But in both case. The style is so simple but surprising how the same style can be turn in a lot of ways so it doesnt gets boring. Easy to read. The way you but the words fullfilling the screen making easier to read. It was well made.

Duration: 10/10

Not too long to make it repetitive but enough to feel full when you end it. I felt it like a travel. A good travel.  I joked with a secuel but i think that is enough. Really enjoyable.

Last word: Play it. Is not that becoming an skeleton. But of course. It is a problem.

I made myself an account just to this. As a gameboy games fan, i have to say. What a (as our kids says in this days) wicked *ss game. (Does the kids say that?) Awesome game i wait the sequel. I think this could be a Call of duty killer. Want more games like this. Send aunt Elloisr a kiss from mom.