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I remember for a fact that that's how it went to get the secret ending and I am trying to record doing but I underestimated how hard I made it to not get caught by this monkey. Especially in 2 of the places you have to go because they are dead ends. Still working on it though.

Update: I changed the start location on the map to the actual spawn after I realised that the previous one was wrong by a bit.

Im working on it now I just had to finish up with school.

I am 99% sure but to be 100% sure I will do it myself.

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So I see that people want to know how to get the secret ending. Well first things first its not so much of an ending(story) but that is all I will say about that.

In order to get this (secret sorta ending) you will have to go to each of these green boxes in order from 1 to 4 and each one within a time period of 10 seconds I think If I remember correctly. Once all of that is done you will have to make your way to the wall covered in red on this map and one of the walls should have no collision. Walk through it and you will get what you want.


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For anyone who cant get their ps4 controller working with this you can use the ds4 tool to get it to work.

I was perfectly fine until it said cum fill socks

lol i love the music

Anyone who got the game before this comment please re download the game because it's now updated. This update fixes what happens after you win so please re download the game.

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Yeah the button is pretty hard to find but it's possible. I encourage you to keep trying because something happens after you escape.