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Heey! I really like the character of Abo, it's very hilarious. One thing that had me confused at the beggining was the genre of the main character, so until the second illustration with eva I was kind of uncertain. But probably it was only me   >_> Also Eva is so cute idk i want to do her route ♥

I really love it! You should keep going with this ♥ 

OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH ♥ I been waiting all this time for the release of the full game and an hour ago I see this and I almost die. I got the romance ending and it's perfect ♥ I also love the facial expressions of Metatton. The one where he is biting his lip got me dead every time haha. Your work is amazing and I hope there will be a sequel ♥  Also I'm sorry if there is any typos I'm not an english speaker. 

Thank you so much for this game ♥

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Awesome game! I wish there is one for nevra tho, either way i love so much your games ♥  I have a question: How can I get the first good ending? I got the truth good ending, but i can't get the other one :( (I'm sorry if there is any typos I am not a native english speaker)