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La Avellana

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Hi, if I own the game because I bought the bundle for ukraine how can i get the steam key?

Its EXCELENT, I adore this game, the puzzles are short but smart and I love the sense of achievement when I figure out a rule, I've printed the pdf in A5 and carry it with me to solve puzzles on the metro and it's fantastic. I love that it is free so anyone can enjoy this masterpiece and if you have the means you can pay what you want.

Keep the good work 

How can I get a steam key for this game if I purchased from the bundle forUkraine?

I just send you an e-mail, thanks

How can i get the steam key if i purchased this game from the bundle for ukraine

Hi, does anyone know if I can redeem my steam key if this game came with the bundle? and if yes, how can i do it?