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L0ver B0y

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there actually is an ending. i dont know how much i should spoil but,maybe, just maybe leave those boxes unattended a little. 

no my babies :(

god i have no clue if this was based on your experience or someone elses but i really hope they find out whats wrong. pain is never fun..

this cat is mean and i love him thank you for the music after calling me weird tho

i dont know if im autistic or not: but the comfort object one hit hard aswell as a couple others. ironically my comfort object changes a lot, but there is always something i have to have (usually a stuffed animal) to regulate or i end up losing my marbles having a panic attack. even brought one to a wedding. love this <3


reminds me of those typing games we had to play in elementry. i love this.<3

im still confused on what happened in the end but the music is so good and everything just goes so well. i love opposums.

i love this :) theyre beautifully built characters 

im so bad 

"oops" pfgfjjsh but seriously i love this! all endings are cool

Honestly i genuinely enjoyed this. i like how the amount of words per town was even.

looking forward to the next chapter :)))) that was epic

honestly 10/10. it look a while to figure out the controls but i think its funny that sometimes when i tell her to do things shes just like "???". amazing will play again and again