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L0ver B0y

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casually checks my cat

i love that snow is just clouds having depression. nothing a family tune cant fix. the power of music compels you!

inside you there are two dereks. they are fighting eachother in attempt to assert domanince, and neither is winning.

im obsessed with this game it entered my brain again like a week ago after forever of not playing and i just. absorbing all of it like its my first time playing again .

best game 10/10

there actually is an ending. i dont know how much i should spoil but,maybe, just maybe leave those boxes unattended a little. 

no my babies :(

god i have no clue if this was based on your experience or someone elses but i really hope they find out whats wrong. pain is never fun..

this cat is mean and i love him thank you for the music after calling me weird tho

i dont know if im autistic or not: but the comfort object one hit hard aswell as a couple others. ironically my comfort object changes a lot, but there is always something i have to have (usually a stuffed animal) to regulate or i end up losing my marbles having a panic attack. even brought one to a wedding. love this <3


reminds me of those typing games we had to play in elementry. i love this.<3

im still confused on what happened in the end but the music is so good and everything just goes so well. i love opposums.

i love this :) theyre beautifully built characters 

im so bad 

"oops" pfgfjjsh but seriously i love this! all endings are cool

Honestly i genuinely enjoyed this. i like how the amount of words per town was even.

honestly 10/10. it look a while to figure out the controls but i think its funny that sometimes when i tell her to do things shes just like "???". amazing will play again and again